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Grief That Drives: R.O. Kwon by Colin Winnette
Kwon Headshot Smeeta Mahanti Color Vertical

The novelist on her loss of faith, youth culture, cult leaders, and spending time with syllables. 

Grief That Drives: R.O. Kwon by Colin Winnette
Kwon Headshot Smeeta Mahanti Color Vertical

The novelist on her loss of faith, youth culture, cult leaders, and spending time with syllables. 

Ryan Trecartin by Sarah Lehrer-Graiwer
Trecartin Bomb 01

“I liked thinking about the word occupy literally. To occupy something. To occupy a sensation or a history and then to be kicked out of it and be squatting near it and trying to reinvest in it.”

Céline Sciamma by Steve Macfarlane
Celine Sciamma 1

Cinematic choreography and the art of showing, not telling.

Desiree Akhavan by Steve Macfarlane
Desiree Akhavan 1

Exiled to adulthood.

Ariel Pink by Gary Canino
Ariel Pink

Chaotic performances, live recordings, and Generation Tween.

Michele D’Aurizio by Sam Korman
Andrea Romano

Opening—and closing—a gallery.

Matt Wolf by Anya Jaremko-Greenwold
Matt Wolf

Wolf, whose new film Teenage is out now, on the invention of the teenager and how our obsession with nostalgia may be helping our innovation.

A Period of Juvenile Prosperity by Mike Brodie
5060  2006 2009

A selection of images, some shown here for the first time, from photographer Mike Brodie’s series A Period of Juvenile Prosperity (2006–2009). A former teenage runaway himself, Brodie captures the adventurous spirit and difficult existence of his fellow freight train hoppers.

Atlanta: Hip Hop and the South by Richard Maxwell
Atlanta Hip Hop and the South 01

Michael Schmelling made a book called Atlanta, a photo book about the Atlanta hip-hop scene. Then Richard Maxwell wrote a review of it.

Saint Jerome & the Dumpster Girls by Ben Ristow

I stay in the car under the streetlight while Jerome goes to find the dumpster girls in the tree shadows. 

The Fly Girlz: Da’ Brats From Da’ Ville by Cameron Shaw
Article 4830 Web   Toc

In 1985, Sandy Denton and Cheryl James were working dead-end jobs at Sears when Hurby Azor, a coworker and audio production student, asked for help on a college project. 

In Sight: Stay the Same Never Change Mumblecore Cinema and the Essay Film by Montana Wojczuk
Stay the Same 01

Montana Wojczuk tries to understand mumblecore and Laurel Nakadate’s new film Stay the Same, Never Change.

The Lowdown On Lowboy by David Varno

John Wray’s novel Lowboy has been out for a few weeks now, and the media attention has been universally enthusiastic.

In Sight: Big Name or Nameless? by Montana Wojczuk
Sin Nombre

Montana Wojczuk reviews Cary Joji Fukunaga’s Sin Nombre.

Fred Willman’s Why Mascots Have Tales: The Illinois High School Mascot Manual by Brian McMullen
Fred Willman

In the summer of ’99, after I failed to land an unpaid docent gig at the Art Institute of Chicago, I fell into an internship (paid!) with Rick Valicenti, a weird and brilliant artist and graphic designer based in Barrington, Illinois (where the high school’s sports teams are the Broncos and the Fillies). 

What I Did I Showed Extremely Bad Judgment by Geronimo Madrid

By 8 AM my older brother, the cracker, has me in a suit, in his car and on the way to the 

Sue de Beer by Nancy A. Barton
Deb 01

Nancy Barton on how Sue de Beer’s video installation Black Sun explores death and effectively and empathetically channels the teenage experience.

Kiyoshi Kurosawa by Jim O’Rourke

Japanese director Kiyoshi Kurosawa has made nearly 30 films, all of which have been seen by musician and producer Jim O’Rourke. Lesser known in the US than in Japan, his films are mesmerizing, visually stunning narratives with international relevance.

Larry Clark by David Schulz
Article 5292 66  Larry  Clark
Raised by Wolves: Photographs and Documents of Runaways by Jim Goldberg
Jim Goldberg 01

DAVE: You’re fuckin’ up, man. 

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