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The Art of Travel: Alexis Rockman Interviewed by Dorothy Spears
Alexis Rockman1

Artist and writer discuss their globe-spanning travels.

The Art of Travel: Alexis Rockman Interviewed by Dorothy Spears
Alexis Rockman1

Artist and writer discuss their globe-spanning travels.

Steven Holl: Making Architecture by Michael Brod
Steven Holl1

An architect starts with watercolor.

Ecofeminism: Faith Wilding Interviewed by Heidi Norton

Investigating the interface between humans, nature, and technology.

Project by Leanne Shapton
Leanne Shapton 01


Barnaby Furnas by John Reed
Bomb Barnaby Furnas 1

“Our world is totally dominated by rectangles.”

Camille Henrot by Michael Barron
Camillehenrot 1

“We also looked into hysterical and mythological bad dads. And so we twisted all this material into questions like ‘Has your father eaten your siblings?‘”

Jennifer Levonian by Nell McClister

Web Extra Video: Artist and animator Jennifer Levonian’s work is Irreverent and articulate, and acknowledges that places, like nephews, don’t have to be perfect to be loved.

5 Encounters with Curt McDowell by William E. Jones, Curt McDowell​​ & George Kuchar
Article 6053  Cmc D  George  Kuchar2

In the seventh installment of BOMBlog’s reprints of [ 2nd floor projects ] editions, William E. Jones, George Kuchar, and Curt McDowell reflect on An Uneven Dozen Broken Hearts. This article contains explicit language.

Portfolio: From Various Music For a While by Elena Berriolo
Elena Berriolo 1

This First Proof contains two pieces by Elena Berriolo, from Various Music For a While.

Portfolio by Emilie Clark
115 Clark 01 Body
Jim Nutt & Gladys Nilsson by Richard Hull
Steady Bears 1970

Painter Richard Hull interviews artists Jim Nutt and Gladys Nilsson in their Chicago home. Check out an audio excerpt from their conversation about El Greco, Chicago Imagism and the Hairy Who.

Portfolio by Judith Hudson
113 Fp Hudson 01 Body
Eva Lundsager by Jessica Baran
​Eva Lundsager 01

It is difficult to make work about joy. Eva Lundsager’s watercolors (articulated with sumi ink) manage to do it, capturing, as she describes them, acts of “hysterical ecstasy.”

Jennifer Clifford Danner by Betsy Sussler
Jennifer Clifford Danner 01 Bomb 100

Larger than life-size, glancing head on or sideways, Jennifer Clifford Danner’s portraits—for portraits they are, in the traditional sense, if not painted in the traditional method—confront their audience with a dignity and vulnerability rarely seen since Klimt’s Portrait of Adele Block-Bauer.

Ellen Phelan by Michèle Gerber Klein
Phelan01 Body

When Ellen Phelan first told me about her plan to work with existing photographs—family-album snapshots of her life from childhood through adulthood, some shot by her father and others by her husband, Joel Shapiro—I was immediately touched and intrigued.

Tim Gardner by Allen Frame
Tim Gardner

In his first New York solo show at 303 Gallery, the 26-year-old Canadian painter Tim Gardner works from his brothers’ and his own snapshots of their friends to create a vivid depiction of teenage male-bonding games glimpsed in the suburbs of Toronto, Winnipeg, and Vancouver. 

Three Paintings by Stephen Mueller
Mueller 01 Body
Paravent by Francesco Clemente
32 Helman 10 Clemente  Body

Watercolor painting on a four paneled folding screen, Paravent by Francesco Clemente. This piece appears in the portfolio The Folding Screen, curated by Ursula Helman.

Not Being Born by Ross Bleckner
Article 1044 23  Bleckner 1
Untitled Painting by Al Taylor
Bomb 23 Taylor Body
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