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Visceral Improvisation: Poncili Creación Interviewed by Ruby Brunton

The Puerto Rican punk-DIY performance collective on challenging institutional norms for making theater.

Becca Blackwell by Jim Fletcher
Becca Blackwell Bomb 01

The actors chat about performing masculinity, transitioning, and Blackwell’s one-person show They, Themself and Schmerm.

Cucaracha Theatre by Betsy Sussler
Cucaracha 01

Up for experimental theater? Try the Cucaracha Theatre company. Drama, death, dreams—they go there in conversation with Betsy Sussler.

James Purdy by Allen Frame
Purdy04 Body

James Purdy is the author of numerous novels, short stories, and plays. Nightshift, a N.Y. theater group working out of the Laight Again Club in New York’s East Village, performed three of Purdy’s one-acts, What Is It Zach?True, and The Berry-Picker, during October and November of 1982.

Charles Ludlam and Christopher Scott by Ted Castle
Ludlam 02

A lively conversation over tea between Charles Ludlam, the Artistic Director of the Ridiculous Theatrical Company, and Christopher Scott, the Executive Director of the Company, conducted by Ted Castle.

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