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Nari Ward by Lee Jaffe
Ward Nari 1

Ward’s Jamaican roots and home in Harlem have been recurring themes in his numerous installations. He speaks with Jaffe about three key works.

Nari Ward by Lee Jaffe
Ward Nari 1

Ward’s Jamaican roots and home in Harlem have been recurring themes in his numerous installations. He speaks with Jaffe about three key works.

Pierre Huyghe’s Rite Passage and Human Mask by Chris Chang
Huyghe Pierre 01 Bomb 133

Huyghe is forever fond of systems that try to take care of themselves—regardless of whether they self-generate, naturally decay, or both.

Milka Djordjevich by Marissa Perel

The dancer on repetition, transformation, and abstracting everyday movement.

Günther Uecker by Ahmed Alsoudani
Uecker 01 Body

First of all, I like Günther Uecker as a person. This is really important for me as an artist. 

Rude Mechanicals by Eric Dyer
Rude Mechs 07 Body
Michelle Boulé by Samara Davis
Michelle Boulé 1

Michelle Boulé discusses her choreographic influences, dance as channeling, where movement is a conduit, and the increasing intersections between dance and visual art.

Aaron Sheppard by Samuel Jablon
Snail Spitoon

Samuel Jablon engages artist Aaron Sheppard in a discussion about his new work the cake in the room, Alice in Wonderland, Jesus, and Miss Havisham.

Jessica Jackson Hutchins by Stuart Horodner

Jessica Jackson Hutchins’ sculptures reference the human body in all of its dumb charm and joyful habits. With Horodner she reflects on Levinas, contingency and Chinese scholars’ rocks.

Excerpt from Netsuke: A Novel by Rikki Ducornet
Ducornet 01

A psychoanalyst interacts with three people: his wife, Akiko, and two patients: Kat, whom he also calls The Cutter, and David Swancourt. He receives these patients in his new office, Spells.

Midday by Yael Shinar
Midday 01

BOMBlog’s Word Choice features original works of poetry, fiction, and art. This edition of Word Choice, selected by Peter Moysaenko, features poetry by Yael Shinar and art by R.D. Gluibizzi.

Thiago Rocha Pitta by Botika
Thiago Rocha Pitta 01

An artists on artists text on sculpture artist Thiago Rocha Pitta by Botika, accompanied by several photographs of mixed media sculptures and film stills by Thiago Rocha Pitta, the first titled Uma Trilogia.

Liz Larner by Jane Dickson
Larner02 Body

“Art encompasses philosophy, psychology, humor, politics, physics—a way of being able to talk about anything, while at the same time involving this thrill of perception.” Liz Larner

Allan Sekula by Edward Dimendberg
Sekula 01 Body

From his investigation of maritime space to his extensive travels to world seaports, Allan Sekula’s trajectory transforms and connects domains that aren’t usually compared. His practice has extended from photography into filmmaking and recently, curating.

A Morning Made for Happiness by Liliana Heker

This First Proof contains the story “A Morning Made for Happiness.”

Vik Muniz by Mark Magill
Muniz01 Body

“I find that it’s not enough of a mission when art is supposed to be about one thing or another because to be art, to begin with, it should be about everything at once. It should present a kind of all-encompassing world.”

Jenny Diski by Frederic Tuten

English writer Jenny Diski’s Skating to Antarctica, part memoir, part travelogue, created a critical stir of approval upon its release. What her American audience might not realize is that she’s a prolific novelist.

Bonnie Collura by Jenifer Berman
63 Bonnie Collura

Painted sleek and smooth, almost candy-coated in their plastic finish, Bonnie Collura’s sculptures long to be touched. They tempt, like a shiny red apple. 

Jim Butler by Shirley Kaneda
Butler 1 Body

Jim Butler’s recent paintings bring to the tradition of “realism” a concern for the act of perception.

Nao Bustamente by Coco Fusco
​Nao Bustamante 01

Without uttering a single word, Bustamante offers an eloquent commentary on the abject dimension of female experience.

Red Dream by Maya Borisova

I am sleeping in the middle of a desert
on sackcloth, on hot sand

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