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Angie Keefer and Liz Magic Laser by Liz Magic Laser
Angie Keefer Bomb 01

Two interdisciplinary artists tackle the analogies between artistic, moral, and monetary value.

A Familienaufstellung Performance by Chloe Piene
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Often translated as “Family Constellation,” Familienaufstellung is a form of therapy developed in the 1990s by the German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger with roots in existential psychology, Gestalt psychology, and psychodynamic therapy.

Simone Leigh’s The Waiting Room by Terence Trouillot
Simone Leigh 1

For her residency at the New Museum, Leigh looks at the act of healing through the lens of black female caregivers, educators, and intellectuals.

Masaki Batoh by Ben Chasny
Batoh Bomb 01

“I still seek for eternity, which maybe is like a rainbow-colored butterfly flying away, suddenly in front of your face.”

Royal Young by Lisa Dierbeck
Royal Young

Memoirist Royal Young on misbehavior, the nice Jewish boy inside him, and seeking fame after a stint on the casting couch.

Jonathan Caouette by Christopher Wilcha
Jonathan Caouette 01

32-year-old Brooklyn filmmaker Jonathan Caouette has been documenting his own life since he was eleven. His staggering debut Tarnation, part documentary and part narrative, is a densely layered testament of Caouette’s life and that of his family.

Tom Noonan by Alison MacLean
Tom Noonan 1

Tom Noonan plays both sides: he appeared in the mega-expensive Last Action Hero, yet made his feature film What Happened Was, with his own money. Here he discusses the freedom granted by restraints.

Cathode Cruel by Susan Landau

A group of three actors who are standing stationary until the set pieces of the Rhone Rehabilitation Centre glide in from O.S. Left and Right. A folding chair is leaned against a ten foot by ten foot glass booth which glides in from O.S. Right. It is a three-walled booth which surrounds one of the actors—THE SUBJECT.

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