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A Quiet Barometer of What’s Wrong: Nikki Darling Interviewed by Cooper Lee Bombardier
Fade Into You

The novelist on living in liminal spaces, Los Angeles in the `90s, and using Ponyboy as inspiration.

Embouchure, 1970 by Dylan Landis

“Nothing you will see tonight is normal,” said Elihu’s mother. It was the first exciting thing she’d ever said. 

The House That Donovan Built by Sarah Wang
Sarah Wang Banner

I caught Elma licking her front teeth in the rearview mirror. The gap between them seemed to be getting wider, like Jane Birkin, whose teeth spread considerably apart as she grew older, an oral Pangea situation. 

Supportive Acts by Justin Torres
104861287 08312017 Justin Torres Supportive Acts 01 New

Rickie Vasquez is wondering if all you ever have to offer him are crumbs.

Eliza Hittman by Gary M. Kramer
104652663 06252015 Eliza Hittman 2

Brooklyn native Hittman on her deft portrayal of young “love” in her auspicious feature debut, It Felt Like Love.

Matt Wolf by Anya Jaremko-Greenwold
Matt Wolf

Wolf, whose new film Teenage is out now, on the invention of the teenager and how our obsession with nostalgia may be helping our innovation.

The Beginners by Levi Rubeck

Levi Rubeck on the perils of adolescence in Rebecca Wolff’s The Beginners.

Rona Yefman by michel auder
Tent 300 Bomb 12X8 Body

Uncanny, maybe. Troublemakers for sure. Between reality and fiction, Rona Yefman’s Let It Bleed brings us the flawless collaboration between photographer and actor, in this case, the artist and her sibling Gil. 

Ben Ehrenreich’s The Suitors by Frederic Tuten
Ben Ehrenreich

There is something inexhaustible in Homer’s Odyssey that makes us want to go back to it, to the archetype of a hero’s going forth and arduous return, of bravery and cunning, and, finally, of the test of a wife’s fidelity. 

Stormy Weather: Yin Tian by Susan Y Chi
Heather McGowan’s Schooling by Frances Richard
Article 5443  Bomb 76  Mc Gowan New

Heather McGowan’s Schooling is a coming-of-age tale with a sensitive, nubile protagonist, the kind of novel described by eager publicists as “luminous.” 

Tim Gardner by Allen Frame
Tim Gardner

In his first New York solo show at 303 Gallery, the 26-year-old Canadian painter Tim Gardner works from his brothers’ and his own snapshots of their friends to create a vivid depiction of teenage male-bonding games glimpsed in the suburbs of Toronto, Winnipeg, and Vancouver. 

Sleeping Bear Lament by David Means

This prayer of lamentation—if you’ll forgive the use of those words—began the day we were camping at Sleeping Bear and Rondo went out trashed and got lost.

Schwartz and Dill by Matthew Sharpe

There was the time Jim Dill allowed his head to be used as a bong, but only by the girls. This was late into one of the infamous Forest Road cabin keg parties. 

Requiem by Kathy Acker

Scene I. This could be a room in any corporate office. Dark red couches, strewn here and there like the small rugs below them, light up the grey of the walls.

The Keepsake by Kirsty Gunn

This First Proof contains an excerpt from the novel The Keepsake.

Raised by Wolves: Photographs and Documents of Runaways by Jim Goldberg
Jim Goldberg 01

DAVE: You’re fuckin’ up, man. 

Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear by Jill Eisenstadt

What are you required to do at a stop sign?

On My Birthday by Benjamin Weissman

The first thing I think when I wake up in the morning is how much I love school.

Two Photographs by Larry Clark
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