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Sacred Folly: on Romain Gary’s The Kites and Promise at Dawn by J.W. McCormack
Romain Gary Banner

A rediscovered novel and memoir depict a character we are lucky to have on the page. In life he would mortify us.

Bough Down by Karen Green

The doctor wears his pink shirt with the sleeves rolled up.

Excerpt from Nine Nights by Bernardo Carvalho
​Bernardo Carvalho

This is for when you get here. You have to be prepared. Somebody has to warn you.

Terror, Eros, and Animal: The Fiction of Heather Lewis by Allan Gurganus

In this special Editor’s Choice article, BOMB presents, in its entirety, Allan Gurganus’s afterword to his former student’s novel, Notice, which has just been published by Serpent’s Tail, nearly ten years after its completion and two years after the author’s suicide at the age of 40.

In Memoriam: Reinaldo Arenas by Jaime Manrique

In the early hours of December 7, 1990, in his Hell’s Kitchen apartment in New York, the exiled Cuban writer Reinaldo Arenas committed suicide.

Elisabeth Subrin’s The Fancy by Rachel Greene
Elisabeth Subrin Combined Copy Body

Reviewer Rachel Greene considers the implications of separating the artist from the work itself, and speculates on the possibly limited degree to which we are given access to Francesca Woodman’s oeuvre.

You Are Not a Stranger Here by Adam Haslett

He has seen these cliffs before, in picture books. He has seen the wide beaches and the ruined cathedral. 

Michael Cunningham by Justin Spring
Cunningham 01 Body

Novelist Michael Cunningham’s The Hours splices together a day in the lives of three women in a stunning tour de force. The author discusses the incongruities of life and the fluidity of literary influence with writer Justin Spring.

Executrix by Barry Yourgrau
​Jane Kaplowitz

My hands are suddenly ice-cold. 

Three Stories by R Bartkowech
​Robin Winters 001

“Don’t do that kind of thing to your spine, son,” said his mother. “You’ll only complicate your life … You’ve got to learn how to relax.”

The Hour of the Fey by Terence Sellers

Of what kind was my infirmity?

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