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Andrew Blauvelt’s Hippie Modernism: The Struggle for Utopia by Clinton Krute
Hippie Modernism Bomb 02

What began as an art project with the overt purpose of confronting and confounding “straight” society ended up as something resembling a pro football game for people on psychedelics, and nearly as profitable.

Foxtrot Echo Lima Tango: A Fanzine about Felt & Co. by Clinton Krute
Felt 01

In homage to ’80s cult band Felt, artists Christian Flamm and Mike Sperlinger crafted an encompassing, investigative fanzine of a book.

Two Books on Graffiti by Matthew Aaron Goodman
Article 4850 Grafitti   To C

What does it mean to paint your name someplace you’ve been—a heavily trafficked location or a highly visible object, like a train, that perpetually traverses an entire city? 

Zia Jaffrey’s The Invisibles by Ameena Meer
​Zia Jaffrey

I sometimes wonder whether Zia Jaffrey has a sixth sense, a sort of x-ray vision that gives her deep brown eyes the ability to penetrate the hearts of others. 

Irvine Welsh by Jenifer Berman
Welsh 07 Body

Irvine Welsh has been coined as the acid house badboy of Scotland. He also happens to write like a sonovabitch, a term he’d appreciate. Writer Jenifer Berman and Welsh discuss class allegiance, class betrayal, and “trainspotting” among the muckers.

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