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Daido Moriyama by Bree Zucker
Daido Moriyama Bomb 7

“The street is always interesting because any world of images I construct is promptly dismissed once I go outside.”

Aki Onda by Michael Snow
Onda 01 Body

As in music, one thing leads to another. A long time ago I received an email from someone I didn’t know.

Portfolio by Horst Ademeit
Horst Ademeit 01

Discovered shortly before his death, Ademeit’s work is composed of photographs and annotations that tell the story of an individual undergoing an emotional crisis and attempting to establish a sense of order in a world that he considered to be chaotic.

Wendy White by EJ Hauser
White 4 Body

In Chinatown, NYC, where Wendy White lives, new signs go up over outdated signs, new awnings are installed over old ones, graffiti is painted over, windows become walls, additions are built, architecture is modified, buildings disappear … White has become a connoisseur of these visual shifts.

Atlanta: Hip Hop and the South by Richard Maxwell
Atlanta Hip Hop and the South 01

Michael Schmelling made a book called Atlanta, a photo book about the Atlanta hip-hop scene. Then Richard Maxwell wrote a review of it.

Tod Papageorge by Richard B. Woodward
Tod Papageorge 01

On the occasion of Tod Papageorge’s “The Acropolis” series in Picture Magazine, we revisit his photographs of Central Park in the ’70s and his friendship with Garry Winogrand.

Adam Bartos’s Boulevard by Carlos Brillembourg

The photographs in Adam Bartos’s Boulevard, taken in Paris and Los Angeles, document places that are at once ubiquitous and hidden. 

Phillip Lopate and Vincent Katz’s Rudy Burckhardt by Rackstraw Downes
Rudy Burkhardt 01 Bomb 091

This is a handsome book about the self-taught filmmaker and photographer Rudy Burckhardt, who was also a painter and a writer and, from the 1930s to the 1990s, the well-known photo-chronicler of New York artists and their studios.

Glen E. Friedman, The Idealist: In My Eyes—25 years by J.Y Lym
Glen E Friedman 01 Bomb 088

Twenty-five years in the eyes of photographer Glen E. Friedman’s “Idealist” is a challenging record of diverse images. I

Pia Elizondo by Jose Antonio Rodriguez Ramirez
Elizondo 01

During the ’90s, a decisive change in Mexican photography occurred: nationalist references, which for so long had identified the exterior of Mexico, were dramatically abandoned by a new generation of photographers.

Judy Linn by Hilton Als
Judy Linn 01

In her photographic work, Judy Linn records the ineffable.

One Minute by Felix Huber
33 Huber Body

“Fotoprojecktion” of a highway and the surrounding industrial area, One Minute by Felix Stephan Huber. 

Frankfurt by Angela Neúke
AngelaNe Ke Body

Photograph of police restraining rowdy onlookers during a prize giving to President Sengh of Senegal in 1969, Frankfurt by Angela Neúke.

Three Photographs by Boris Smelov
Boris Smelov 02

Three black and white photographs by Boris Smelov from the Leningrad portfolio.

Untitled Photograph by Dawoud Bey
Untitled photograph by Dawoud Bey
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