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Melvin Edwards by Michael Brenson
Edwards 1

“I just wanted to be sure I didn’t get caught not expressing what I thought was important to me. That can easily happen, because you can easily get discouraged by not being allowed to participate, or just being ignored, when you know your work is beyond ignoring.”

David Rabinowitch by David Carrier
Rabinowitch 02B Body

Philosopher David Carrier has a special understanding for sculptor David Rabinowitch’s influences: Hume, Spinoza and Wittgenstein. Based on an interview, a text on philosophy, sculpture and Rabinowitch’s methodology.

Corner Basher by Liz Larner
​Liz Larner

Stainless steel sculpture with electric motor and speed control, Corner Basher by Liz Larner.

Hanukkah Lamp by R. M. Fischer
29 Helman 8 Fischer  Body

Brass, steel, and plastic electric menorah by R. M. Fischer. This piece appears in the portfolio Furniture Designed by Artists, curated by Ursula Helman.

Two Installations by Richard Nonas
28 Nonas Body

Two installations, Dniee and Lucifer Landing (Reel Snake In Imaginary Garden), by Richard Nonas.

Hand Masher by Garnett Puett
26 Puett Body

A sculpture of beeswax, steel, wool, and corn in Belljar, titled Hand Masher, by Garnett Puett.

Two Sculptures by Christy Rupp
Bomb 15 Rupp 001 Body

Two sculptures utilizing steel, fiberglass, hydrocal, paint, aluminum, and oil, Fish Jumping Out Of Its Skin and PCB’s In The Hudson.

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