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Digging Beneath the Polite Veneer: Eileen Pollack Interviewed by Taylor Larsen
Pollack Banner

The writer discusses growing up in the Borscht Belt, the prevalence of literary humor, and the power of feminist punch lines.

Adrienne Truscott by Erin Markey
Truscott 01

The performers consider memory, autobiography, and stand-up in Truscott’s groundbreaking comedy about rape, Asking for It, showing this November at NYU’s Skirball Center.

Morgan Bassichis by Katherine Brewer Ball
Morgan Bassichis Bomb 1

“What’s the point of being queer, or an artist, or a radical, if you don’t veer?”

Rick Alverson by Gary M. Kramer
Rick Alverson Bomb 05

“A cat and mouse game between attraction and repulsion.”

Casey Jane Ellison by Brienne Walsh
Casey Jane Ellison 1

“What’s the difference between New York and LA? In New York, you cry in the street, but in LA, you cry in your car.”

Tim Heidecker by Gary Canino
Hw0121 Bynickweidner 1

Tim Heidecker discusses his second soft-rock album with Heidecker and Wood, his online beefs, and blurring the lines between his various public personae.

Routine Spectacles of Andy Kaufman and Stuart Sherman by Michael Smith
Kaufman 03

Working at opposite ends of the performing-arts spectrum, both carefully constructed public personae to adapt to and assimilate the culture that formed them. 

Steve Martin’s Born Standing Up by Frederic Tuten
Steve Martin

Let’s say it was not Steve Martin who had written this memoir of his early years as a standup comedian—or as he says in his poignant introduction, a biography of someone he used to know. 

Danny Hoch’s Jails, Hospitals, and Hip Hop by Mark Magill
64 Danny Hoch Homepage

Danny Hoch hauled his one-man entourage to the room upstairs at PS122 for a solo performance of Jails, Hospitals, and Hip-Hop.

Phil Hartman by Stanley Moss
Phil Hartman 1 Bomb 34

Phil Hartman made his name as a regular cast member on Saturday Night Livewhere, from 1986 to 1994, he created a number of classic characters such as the Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer. Writer and Artist Stanley Moss sat down with Hartman in 1991.

Sandra Bernhard by Gary Indiana
Bernhard 01 Body

Sandra Bernhard collaborated with John Boskovitch to write her 1988 show Without You I’m Nothing. Sandra was inspired to develop material after two years traveling on the road with John and the outrageous situations they encountered.

Confessions of a Stand-up Comedienne by Veronica Veiss
Veronica Veiss

It’s Dangerfields on a Sunday, “Open Mike,” 2:00 AM, romper room time. 

Rockets Redglare by Mark Magill
Redglare 01

Rockets is a stand-up comedian. I first met him in his capacity as the genial host, maître ‘d and sergeant-at-arms at the Red Bar on Manhattan’s upwardly mobile Lower East Side.

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