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Mary Weatherford by Hamza Walker
Mw 18 015 Newmaster

The blues, sports, lessons from Dave Van Ronk, and the legacy of “triumphal American painting” are among the stimuli for Weatherford’s large-scale abstract works.

Sergio De La Pava by Veronica Scott Esposito

A New York City public defender and author of a self-published bestseller returns with his third novel, Lost Empress. Sources range from quantum physics to the gospel.

Portfolio by Nevine Mahmoud
118111227 03292016 Mahmoud Bomb 1

Basketballs, beachballs, slides.

So Many Olympic Exertions by Anelise Chen
Jimmy Robert

Efficiency is a battle waged against time. The runner’s only enemy is time, and his only tactic against time is perpetual onward movement.

Fantasy Football Psychoanalysis by Sina Najafi
Lionel Messi

Some time in late June, in the middle of the World Cup, a friend asked me an apparently simple question: “If you could psychoanalyze one football player, who would it be?”

Paper Clip #71 by Ryan Sheldon

Paper Clip is a weekly compilation of online articles, artifacts and other—old, new, and sometimes BOMB-related.

Byron Kim by Adam Simon
Byron Kim 01

A courtside conversation about portraiture and how to find something in nothing.

Draft Picks: Christopher Gideon & Elissa Goldstone by Legacy Russell
Firework Body

Artists Christopher Gideon and Elissa Goldstone live and work miles apart. Yet, they love the same game. The two sat down to discuss baseball and its role within the stadium of contemporary art.

Greg Stump’s Fistful of Moguls by Benjamin Weissman
Greg Stump 01

Greg Stump, the originator of the personal ski movie, is the only filmmaker smart, gentle, and sweet enough to bring his camera into snowbound lodges, kitchens, and hospital rooms in search of an intimate word or two, something to break the monotony of what we expect from bad-ass ski movies: footage of 20-year-olds risking their lives on big, snowy mountains. 

Don Gast’s When We Were Kings by Jenifer Berman
Gast 1

Twenty-three years and multiple producers later, Gast finally edited his 300,000 feet of film into a taut and stirring 90 minutes, attesting as much to his own tenacity and perseverance as his star’s.

David Mark Winfield by Susan Grayson
Susan Grayson Bomb 01

A set of stop-motion photographs capture a full swing taken by baseball star Dave Winfield, David Mark Winfield by Susan Grayson.

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