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One Piece: The Old Bars (after M.H.) by David Salle
David Salle The Old Bars

The artist talks about the genesis, composition, and execution of a recently completed work.

Fred Eversley’s Black, White, Grey by Claire Barliant
Fred Eversley 01

Cosmic Objects

Sarah Oppenheimer by Alexander Galloway
Sarah Oppenheimer 05 Bomb 137

Open floor plans are less open than we think—and ripe for intervention. Oppenheimer’s latest effort is on view at the Pérez Art Museum Miami.

Okwui Okpokwasili by Jenn Joy
Okwui Okpokwasili 01 Bomb 137

The celebrated choreographer of Bronx Gothic explores the embodiment of psychic space, the nature of memory, and who gets to write history.

Marina Rosenfeld by Tristan Shepherd
Marina Rosenfeld 01 Bomb 137

The artist and composer stages her latest entanglement of bodies, spaces, and sounds at the Biennale de Montréal this October.

Michael Childress by Susan Jennings
Childress Michael 01

It starts, of course, with water. A bath for the newborn, a baptism for the blank canvas.

Above and Below: Gordon Matta-Clark by Lytle Shaw
Matta Clark 1 1000 Body

The 17th-century townhouses that Gordon Matta-Clark and his friends chipped away at in Conical Intersect (1975) did not collapse immediately—like, say, flimsy clapboard ranch styles built where neighborhood site plans had been rushed and mistaken.

Katrín Sigurdardóttir by Eva Heisler
Sigurdardottir 01 Body

Katrín Sigurdardóttir’s sculptures and installations merge embodied experiences of place with conceptual constructions of space. She reflects with poet Eva Heisler on the early memories that inspire her work.

BOMB GLOBAL: Jeanette Mundt does L.A. by Amanda Parmer
7578 J

Jeannette Mundt’s new show at Michael Benevento in Los Angeles toys with atypical notions of space in a classic medium—paint.

Kassidy Chism and Fountain by Jenn Joy
Jeremy Wade 01

Jenn Joy is confronted by the distorted anatomy and face of Heather Kravas’s Kassidy Chism.

Benedict Mason by George Steel
Mason01B Body

“My dream was a synchronized sound of present, absent, and distant musicians choreographed across the audience via the elaborate placement and movements of the performers in the whole building.”

Julie Mehretu by Lawrence Chua
Mehretu 01 Body

At the heart of Julie Mehretu’s paintings is a question about the ways in which we construct and live in the world. Perhaps that is what makes the work so radical: its willingness to unravel the conventionally given answers about the violent environment we inhabit today. 

Guillermo Kuitca by Carlos Brillembourg
Kuitca 02

BOMB architecture editor Carlos Brillembourg parses the varied subjects and themes of artist Guillermo Kuitca’s 1991 MoMA show.

Laura Newman by Judith Linhares
Newman 01

What the viewer first sees in Newman’s Skywriting (2000) is the entire field of canvas, its fluid and unrushed strokes creating an effect both laconic and lively. 

Steven Holl by Joseph Masheck
Holl 01 Body

Steven Holl likes to wake up early in the morning and begin his projects with pencil, paper, and watercolors. This freehand working up of an architectural space perhaps serves as a clue to the sometimes idiosyncratic results. 

Raimund Abraham by Carlos Brillembourg
Abraham 01 Body
Incidents of Travel in Riversford by Thomas Bolt

This First Proof contains an excerpt from Incidents of Travel in Riversford.

Ingrid Calame by David Pagel
Calame 1

Sometimes it’s fun to listen to the sounds abstract paintings make in your imagination.

Donald Antrim by Thomas Bolt
Atrim 01 Body

Writers Donald Antrim and Thomas Bolt trade keys to iconoclasm and metaphor in Antrim’s novel, The Hundred Brothers.

A Visit With God: Luis Barragan’s Chapel at the Convent in Talplan Mexico by Carlos Brillembourg
Carlos Brillembourg 01

From the street, only a wall is visible, flanked by anonymous windows and a large wooden door. We press the doorbell and a young boy answers. We explain that Mother Delecta is waiting for us to assist the seven o’clock mass today—All Souls Day.

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