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Invent New Rules: Lara Vapnyar Interviewed by Rebecca Schiff
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The writer on creating a legend about her mother, breaking the fourth wall, and Elena Ferrante’s honesty.

That You Have the Body: Alix Lambert Interviewed by Signe Swanson
Cain Tattoo Artist 2

The filmmaker and photographer discusses the return to her work on Russia’s inmates.

Polina Barskova by Michael Juliani
Polina Barskova Bomb 1

“I’m interested in subterranean culture that says ‘I will trick you’ to official culture, ‘I will play you.’”

Peter Burr, Luke Fischbeck, & Seabat by John Also Bennett
Peter Burr 1

Tarkovsky, aural illusions, and cultivating transcendent spaces.

Portfolio by Theresa Himmer

Parallel Memories

Emilia Kabakov by Amei Wallach
57459 Kabakov Forup

Emilia Kabakov talks about her need to live between reality and fantasy, and discusses paint in comparison to installation.

Extremists: Daniil Kharms by Chris Cumming
​Daniil Kharms

The revelatory rediscovery of Russian absurdist writer Daniil Kharms.

Eve Sussman by Matvei Yankelevich
Eve Sussman 10 Body

Sussman’s remarkable new film, whiteonwhite:algorithmicnoir is an sci-fi narrative that constantly re-edits itself. The filmmaker talks to poet Yankelvich about outdated notions of the future, Malevich and Kazakh deserts.

The People Who Got into Trouble: Boris Mikhailov’s Case History at MOMA by Kevin Kinsella
Boris Mikhailov 1

“It is a disgraceful world, populated by some creatures that were once humans, but now these living beings are degraded, ghastly, appalling.” Kevin Kinsella discusses the photography exhibition, Boris Mikhailov: Case Study, which runs at MoMa until September fifth.

Péter Nádas by Davis Kovacs
Nadas1 Body

A scholar not only of literature, but of culture, horticulture, and above all the human body and its communications, Nádas presents a picture of temperament and elegance in the great tradition of the European intellectual.

Victor Pelevin by Leo Kropywiansky
Pelevin 01 Body

Dissolution of the totalitarian Soviet regime brought Russia democracy of an imperfect sort. But much of the euphoria of the early nineties has dissipated in the face of new realities.

Yuri Lyubimov by Leonardo Shapiro
Lyubimov01 Body

Yuri Lyubimov discusses the theater as a phenomenon for the elite, censorship, and why Scandinavians are more prepared for plays.

Two Paintings by Peter Waite
Peter Waite Peter 01 Bomb 026

Station and Soveit War memorial Teptow Park East Berlin, acrylic paintings on plastic panels, by Peter Waite. 

Gleb Panfilov: Beyond the Frame of the Permissible by Liza Béar
Panfilov 04 Body

Director Gleb Panfilov talks with Liza Béar about his struggles with GOSKINO, the Soviet film committee, and his previously censored film Tema.

Leningrad by Jacki Ochs & Lyn Hejinian
Boris Smelov

We took a walk, bus ride, walk, bus ride, walk to an apartment in the middle of Leningrad, up many flights of stairs—no speaking, so the neighbors would not hear a foreign language as we passed their doors.

Untitled by Sergei Bugayev
Sergei Bugayev Body

Painting by Sergei Bugayev, circa 1984, part of the Leningrad portfolio.

Three Photographs by Jacki Ochs
​Jacki Ochs 01
Blind Man’s Bluff by Vitaly Komar & Alexander Melamid
Komar and Melamid 001
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