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Marcelo Morales by Kristin Dykstra
Marcelo Morales Bomb 1

“There was no capitalist reality segregated from socialist reality. There was one reality, period.”

Nell Zink by Keith Gessen
Nell Zink 01 Bomb 137

Nicotine, the author’s third novel in as many years, dives into the world of East Coast anarchists.

Trees, Grass, & Collectivist Rock by Clinton Krute
Träd, Gräs och Stenar 01

Träd, Gräs och Stenar and the democratizing power of the riff.

Georgi Gospodinov by Jeffrey Zuckerman
Joshua Simpson 1

Empathy in literature, public reminiscence, and the long half-life of socialism.

Melvin Edwards by Michael Brenson
Edwards 1

“I just wanted to be sure I didn’t get caught not expressing what I thought was important to me. That can easily happen, because you can easily get discouraged by not being allowed to participate, or just being ignored, when you know your work is beyond ignoring.”

Alina Szapocznikow by ​Joanna Malinowska
​Alina Szapocznikow 01

My first reaction to her much deserved show at MoMA was: Where are the monkeys? 

Ingo Schulze by Eliot Weinberger
Schulze Ingo Final Body

“Anyone who has ever visited a slum knows that the worst part is not the wretched shacks, the dust, the rusty water tanks, the crowds of people, crime, etcetera, but the smell.”

Saïd Sayrafiezadeh’s When Skateboards Will Be Free by Lena Valencia
Article 3573 Skateboards1

When a child is raised according to political doctrine, political decisions and personal habits become one and the same. 

Josephine Meckseper by Flavin Judd
Jmmoma2Light Body

Josephine Meckseper’s sparkling display cases combine vintage consumables with references to protest movements. Through these installations and appropriated advertisements she probes how nostalgia and romanticism compromise dissent.

Carlos Garaicoa by Holly Block
Garaicoa 01 Body

I met Carlos Garaicoa in 1994, when I traveled to Havana for the Bienal. It was the first studio visit that I had ever made at midnight—this was Havana, and why not?

Laura Restrepo by Jaime Manrique
Restrepo 01 Body

I had never conducted an interview via e-mail before my conversation with the Colombian author Laura Restrepo; therefore, I wasn’t prepared to get answers that had the quality of polished writing. 

Jon Lee Anderson by David L. Ulin

Che Guevara: celebrated warrior, revolutionary leader, figure of myth. In his biography of the Argentine-turned-Cuban hero, John Lee Anderson goes behind the scenes to unearth the man. This article is part of the Bohen Series on Critical Discourse.

Tony Kushner by Craig Lucas
Kushner Tony 01 Bomb 043

“It’s been a very, very strange time. I feel very lost and confused and sort of unclear about what I should be doing with the play, where I should be going with it and where I should be going after the play is done.”

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