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Small Press Flea 2021 Photos
Mg 9078

The photos from #SPF21 are here. Thank you to all of the presses that exhibited with us!

Small Press Flea 2021 Photos
Mg 9078

The photos from #SPF21 are here. Thank you to all of the presses that exhibited with us!

Azareen Van der Vliet Oloomi by Alexandra Kleeman
Azareen Vd Vo

In anticipation of Van der Vliet Oloomi’s new novel, Savage Tongues, the authors consider language, hybridity, and Marguerite Duras.

The Intimate Suggests the Epic: A Year in Small Press and Indie Publications
Indie Presses Gif

A round-up of titles published by independent presses in 2020.

Fall Books Preview
Fall Books Preview 2017 Banner 02

New titles and reissues highlighted by Justin Taylor, Chelsea Hodson, Paul La Farge, Emmalea Russo, Alexandra Kleeman, Ted Dodson, Dan Sheehan, Kristen Radtke, Daniel Saldaña París, Marjorie Welish, Tobias Carroll, Jonathan Lee, Scott Esposito, and Lauren LeBlanc

Larissa Pham’s Fantasian by Ben Fama
752525981 12202016 Larissa Pham Bomb 01

I forgot what it’s like to read erotica on the subway, how the steamier, hard-hitting scenes can really make the morning commute, well, awkward.

Spring Books Preview
Spring Books Preview 2016 Bomb

Recent and forthcoming highlights selected by Justin Taylor, John Keene, Albert Mobilio, Dawn Lundy Martin, Alan Gilbert, Ken Chen, Ander Monson, Chelsea Hodson, and Lawrence Giffin.

Badlands Unlimited’s New Lovers Series by Mónica de la Torre​
Badlands 01 Bomb 132

You don’t have to be a connoisseur of erotica to recognize its tropes: wet, swelling pussies; budding breasts; hot, tight holes; massive rods … Do they seem all the more worn-out because they’re aimed at conveying sexual stamina?

AND Publishing by Hatty Nestor
​AND Print-on-demand publications

Publishing as a tool of discovery.

Small Press Spotlight by Ben Mirov

Birds, LLC is unique in the landscape of small poetry presses. Run by a group of friends who reside in multiple cities, the underlying aim of the press seems to be to publish within a small circumference of poets with close ties to its editors. Ben Mirov puts this small press under the spotlight.

Small Press Spotlight: Fence Books by Ben Mirov

Small Press Spotlight is a new monthly column at BOMBlog that explores the incredibly varied world of small literary presses, one at a time. First up: poetry powder keg FENCE Books. Check out our rundown of their recent releases.

Dan Hoy’s Glory Hole and Jon Leon’s The Hot Tub by Rachel Kushner
Article 4806 Gloryhot1

Remember the old pulp novels—two-in-one, back-to-back and upside-down? 

Ugly Duckling Presse by Alan Gilbert
Ugly Duckling Presse

It’s tough being a bohemian these days. 

Booklyn’s ABC Series by Brian McMullen
268971787 05122015 Booklyn 01 Bomb 101

For eight years, the Brooklyn-based arts organization Booklyn has championed what it calls “peoplemade books”: artist books, zines, and other small press.

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