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Kara Walker & Larry Walker
Walker 01

“I would like to do more of that kind of thing: travel, spend some time in a place and really work from a different vantage point. I don’t know what will happen in my work from that, but I trust my ability to find the tools to find my way into my work. I think I will sit out in the woods more.”

Seconds by Adam Simon & Matthew Sharpe
Adam Simon 01

This First Proof captures the collaboration between Adam Simon and Matthew Sharpe with text and paintings respectively.

Kara Walker by Matthea Harvey
Kara Walker 1

I’ve been thinking about Kara Walker’s work for a long time. Two years ago, a bleeding barn from one of her watercolors appeared in one of my poems. 

Regina Silveira: Moving Perspective by Alexander Gray
Regina Silveira 1

Throughout her career, Brazilian artist Regina Silveira has investigated the tension between movement and spatial perspective. 

Untitled by Elliott Puckette
49 Puckette Body
Lari Pittman by David Pagel
Lari Pittman Bomb 034

Painter Lari Pittman creates silhouetted scenes brimming with sexuality and nonsensicality—the folk art of a liberated past, channeled through the social realities of the present. Here, he discusses his envy of abstraction, and the horror of an empty bed.

Gary Stephan  by Georgia Marsh
Stephan 01 Body

Gary Stephan aims for a middle ground between “the joke” and “the big deal” with the template-like forms in his paintings.

Artistic Anatomy by Tyler Turkle
Bomb 21 Turkle Body
Lemon, April 5,1984 by Donald Sultan
Bomb 10 Sultan 001 Body
I Just Don’t Understand How They Live This Way by Saul Ostrow
Bomb 10 Ostrow 001 Body
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