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Two Sunsets by Adam Golfer
Adam Golfer Two Sunsets 1

A film investigating memory and history, premiering exclusively on BOMB, with a brief interview by Alex Zafiris.

Two Sunsets by Adam Golfer
Adam Golfer Two Sunsets 1

A film investigating memory and history, premiering exclusively on BOMB, with a brief interview by Alex Zafiris.

Watching Caribbean Cinema by Monica Uszerowicz

Islands of stories.

Kevin Jerome Everson by Jordan Cronk
Kevin Jerome Everson Bomb 1

“I don’t make films for the audience, I make them for the subjects, and I try to position those subjects and the camera so that there’s a element of generosity between the two.”

Ricky D’Ambrose by Steve Macfarlane
D Ambrose Bomb 2

“I don’t want to continue making movies this way.”

Nicholas Elliott by David Louis Zuckerman
Nicholas Elliott 01

Austerity, allegory, and the interpretability of film.

Meditations on Film: Nathaniel Dorsky by Ari Spool
Brownbranches 4 Body

Ari Spool talks to avant-garde filmmaker Nathaniel Dorsky about montage, humanism, and his childhood exploits in film.

Ben Mirov: Phoned-In #10 by Luke Degnan
Sky Body

“Who was chasing me through the brush? He’s staring at neon graffiti and doesn’t look away. He looks like a rich kid on acid. He turns into a duffle bag. The man I have sex with is me. I don’t dream about you. I find your feelings’ cloud.” In episode 10 of Phoned-In, BOMB Magazine’s poetry reading by phone podcast, Ben Mirov reads from his book Ghost Machine.

Send Me to the ‘Lectric Chair, 2009 by Guy Maddin & Isabella Rossellini
In Sight: No Shoes No Shorts No Service by Montana Wojczuk
 Rite by Alicia Conway 01

Montana Wojczuk reports on some of the energetic, stylish shorts of Sundance 2009.

Lucrecia Martel by Haden Guest
Martel 1 Full Body

“tradition is one thing and conservatism is another. You conserve something that is not alive, something that no longer functions, that is rotten. If something is alive there is no need to conserve it. Nobody conserves a garden.”

Lucrecia Martel (Spanish) by Haden Guest
Martel 1 Full Body

Durante el mes de octubre la cineasta argentina Lucrecia Martel visitó el Harvard Film Archive para celebrar su primera retrospectiva: La Ciénaga La Niña Santa , y La Mujer Sin Cabeza , sus tres largometrajes, se mostraron juntos por primera vez. 

The Animated Films of Brent Green by Jimmy Calhoun
​Brent Green 01

Months ago, as my wife and I left a Sufjan Stevens concert, I told her how I wish my short animated films could have the emotion and staying power that great music has.

Miranda July by Rachel Kushner

Writer Rachel Kushner examines the lineage of common themes and recurrent imagery in July’s extraordinary body of work.

Juan Carlos Alom by Lucy Raven
Alom 03

On a recent trip to Cuba I visited the studio of photographer and filmmaker Juan Carlos Alom in the small beach village of Cojimar, outside Havana.

The Triplets of Belleville by Nell McClister
Article 5523  The  Triplets Of  Belleville

There are about ten words spoken in Sylvain Chomet’s first feature-length animated film, including the drawn-out, lilting sounds that the characters occasionally make, as if communicating were an act of hopefully humming almost-words while gesturing with hands and head and pointedly rolling one’s eyes.

Philip Kan Gotanda by David Henry Hwang
Gotanda 02 Body

Playwrights Philip Kan Gotanda and David Henry Hwang (M. Butterfly) compare notes on the East/West conflict, the Third World Movement, and Gotanda’s play, Ballad of Yachiyo.

Yvonne Welbon by Lawrence Chua
​Yvonne Welbon

In Yvonne Welbon’s short films and videos, memory laps at the crumbling shoreline of history. 

Illeana Douglas by Lynn Geller
Douglas01 Body

Actress, producer, director speaks to Lynn Geller about the what it takes to be a successful woman in the industry: three day fasts and cannibalism…

James Nares by Betsy Sussler
Nares 01 Body

In a process of material and poetic interrogation, James Nares shares his practice, a return to origins, with Betsy Sussler.

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