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The Body and Its Image: Janice Guy by Matthew J. Abrams
Janice Guy1

The revealing/concealing nature of self-portraiture. 

The Body and Its Image: Janice Guy by Matthew J. Abrams
Janice Guy1

The revealing/concealing nature of self-portraiture. 

Digital Interface: Addie Wagenknecht’s Alone Together by Amelia Rina

Painting with a Roomba and International Klein Blue.

Nina Katchadourian by Mónica de la Torre​
Katchadourian Nina 01

Embracing boredom and creative constraints, Katchadourian tells of in-flight artwork and other conceptual projects.

Les Blank’s A Poem Is a Naked Person by Alex Zafiris
Blank 1

Thanks to his son, Harrod Blank, the filmmaker’s forty-year-old documentary on musician Leon Russell is finally released.

Portfolio by David Horvitz

A collection of new, old, and ongoing works.

Hans Witschi by Zipora Fried
Witschi 2001 1000

Zipora Fried talks with Witschi about the intricate methodology that inspires his paintings, his digital image archive, and his musical notation.

Miquel Barcelo by Colm Tóibín

Colm Tóibín and Miquel Barceló on Walt Disney, looking like animals and when painting is better than real life.

House/Hold and Family Portrait by Hillerbrand+Magsamen

A selection from husband and wife team Hillerbrand+Magsamen’s House/Hold series (2011-12), plus a video excerpt of Family Portrait (2012).

The Wolf Series by June Kim
Acadia Spaw Body

A selection of photographs and videos from June Kim’s Wolf series, 2009-2012.

Kenya (Robinson) by Lee Ann Norman
Kenya (Robinson) 1

Kenya (Robinson) reflects on the end of her MFA program and becoming a professional artist.

When the Dull Normal Marries the Grifter And the Disillusioned Patsy Travels Abroad by Jennifer Blowdryer
Kirkhuff Judy With The Head Of Holofernes Body

For this edition of BOMBlog’s reprint from [ 2nd Floor Projects ], Jennifer Blowdryer writes an aggressively witty autobiographical prose piece inspired by work in [ 2FP ]’s exhibition Here Comes Everybody.

K8 Hardy by Ariana Reines
Hardy 14 Body

The obsession with documentation and online sharing might have caused K8 Hardy to press pause on performing, at least for now. Hardy discusses, with poet Raines, the runway show she’s producing for the Whitney Biennial.

Jimmie Durham by Manuel Cirauqui
Durham 2

I met Jimmie Durham the day after the opening of his retrospective at the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris in February of 2009. 

dongghab by Sowon Kwon by Moyra Davey
dongghab 01

In paying homage to Ed Ruscha’s Twentysix Gasoline Stations, Sowon Kwon’s book project dongghab suggests a connection between nascent American postmodernism and violence.

David Shapiro by John Haskell
David Shapiro 3 Bomb Body

 David Shapiro, whose show Money Is No Object was on view at the Sue Scott Gallery this spring, has created a group of vellum scrolls on which he has placed the bills and receipts and ticket stubs he’s collected over the course of a year. 

Two Poems by Víctor Manuel Gaviria

This First Proof contains two poems by Víctor Manuel Gaviria.

Fakir Musafar, Spirit + Flesh by Marvin Heiferman
Fakir Musafar 01

Spirit + Flesh, a collection of Fakir Musafar’s self-portraits, document the extremes to which Musafar subjects his own body, from compression to piercing.

Lee Friedlander by Tina Barney
Friedlander 1

Lee Friedlander has been making self-portraits since the early 1960s.

Chuck Close by Lisa Yuskavage
Chuck Close 01 Bomb 052

It was in 1981 and I was a sophomore in art school when I first encountered Chuck Close’s work at a show called Contemporary American Realism Since 1960. I was struck by how it didn’t resemble any of the other work in the show.

Billy Sullivan by Saul Ostrow
Sullivan 01 Body

Painter Billy Sullivan recalls the wisdom of Warhol, Woodstock wiles and the downside of mail-order boots.

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