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A Room with a View: Teresa Carmody & Sarah Gerard

An evening celebrating the launch of Teresa Carmody’s new novel, The Reconception of Marie

A Room with a View: Teresa Carmody & Sarah Gerard

An evening celebrating the launch of Teresa Carmody’s new novel, The Reconception of Marie

Projecting Desires: Sarah Gerard Interviewed by Elle Nash
Bomb True Love Purple

The writer on her new novel, creative partnerships, sex as communication, and tending to old drafts.

Telling the Both/And Story: Emma Copley Eisenberg Interviewed by Sarah Gerard
The Third Rainbow Girl

On writing into the other meanings of a hometown murder mystery.

Sarah Gerard’s Sunshine State by Laura van den Berg
Sarah Gerard Deep Breath 01

Sarah Gerard’s essay collection, Sunshine State, embodies Florida’s unpredictability in the best sense.

Three Poems by Francesca Coppola
Sarah Gerard Bomb 3

She’s an archaic, the last meaning of a word. He’s a drunk, but of the ultramarine kind.

Looking Back on 2014 #3
Vision Orange

Selections by Nate Wooley, Laida Lertxundi, and Sarah Gerard.

Alina Gregorian by Sarah Gerard
Alina Gregorian 01

Dramaturgy, flags, and tangible abstractions.

The Cahiers Series: Center for Writers & Translators, The American University of Paris by Sarah Gerard
Ivan Vladislavić

Translation as visitation. Translating silence, or the inability to translate silence. A word that does not want to be translated. Translation as story. Attempting to translate grief. Translation as unanswered letter to the dead. 

Trisha Low by Sarah Gerard

Language like tar, pick-and-mix identities, and a long sputtering of retcons.

The Way of the Artist by Sarah Gerard
Abelow Joshua 01 Bomb

It is surprising that Sam Savage would write a book about a character who has never had a profession—before writing, he worked as a bicycle mechanic, carpenter, crab fisherman, and letterpress printer.

The Landscape of Memory by Sarah Gerard
Murnane Body

Sarah Gerard on life’s closing and Gerald Murnane’s fifth novel, Inland.

The Malleability of Language: Silence and Breakage by Sarah Gerard
Lispectornewjl Body

Sarah Gerard sits down with Johnny Lorenz to discuss his translation of A Breath of Life, the final novel written by the enigmatic Brazilian author Clarice Lispector.

Every Thing Has an Instant in Which It Is by Sarah Gerard
Lispector Blog Body

Sarah Gerard continues her investigation of the work of Clarice Lispector, tracing the Brazilian writer’s thinking about concepts of eternity.

Dilated Heart: Alison Entrekin and Clarice Lispector by Sarah Gerard
Lispector 3 Entrekin Body

Alison Entrekin, translator of a new edition of Lispector’s Near the Wild Heart, on the difficulties and pleasures of translating this particularly difficult and pleasing writer.

The Verdict is in the Sentence by Sarah Gerard

Sarah Gerard on the experience of language in Clarice Lispector’s recently translated fifth novel, The Passion According to G.H.

How to Live Safely Inside a Black Hole by Sarah Gerard
Stars Body

Sarah Gerard learns how to live safely.

We Deserve Nothing by Sarah Gerard
535Px Tiziano   Si Sifo Body

Sarah Gerard on Existentialism, relationships, and Alexander Maksik’s You Deserve Nothing.

Ross Racine by Sarah Gerard
Rossracine Newfoxtownandwesthavenvillas 2008  Body

Ross Racine’s maplike prints of suburban landscapes are like being airborne over an imagined America. He talks to Sarah Gerard about materiality and immateriality, paper, and maps.

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