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Beautiful Big Blue Beast by Jane Dickson
May Carlson 1

Mary Carlson takes inspiration from religious iconography, demons, and snakes in her latest exhibition, Beautiful Beast.

Nora Chipaumire by Lauren Bakst
Nora4 Antoinetempe Body

Word Choice features original works of fiction and poetry. Read “Development,” a short story by Matthew Pitt, selected by Fiction Editor Rosie Parker.

Eija-Liisa Ahtila by Cary Wolfe
Ahtila 8 Body

“Breaking up perspective has long been one of the central themes in my works.”

New, Age: Linda Montano by Eliza Swann
Linda Body

Blessed be Catholic performance artist Linda Montano and her life/art. Amen.

Maurizio Cattelan by Michèle Gerber Klein
Maurizio Cattelan 19

“People don’t understand the new pictures; they are really confused. Frequently they ask how I found this material. I say, ‘in my grandmother’s trunk,’ but that’s not true.”

Haitian Sequin Artists by Nancy Josephson
Fla 03

Where sacred slams into secular, you’ll find the sequined banners of Haiti.

Three Poems by Michael Morse

Quo Journal: The Eponym Imperfect

April, the Meadowlark back on his post with ex-cathedra powers of speech—

Two Poems by Timothy Liu
Reverend Ethan Acres by David Pagel
​Reverend Ethan Acres

Good old-time religion and edgy, contemporary art make for odd bedfellows, but this unholy alliance thrives in the art and life of Reverend Ethan Acres.

The Cross of Charavaca by Chelo Amezcua
Bomb 45 Amezcua1 Body
Little Statuette by Kay Rosen
Bomb 36 Krosen Body

Ink drawing, Little Statuette by Kay Rosen. 

Untitled by David Ortins
​David Ortins

Oil and beeswax on wood panel painting of two conjoined stars of David, Untitled by David Ortins.

Rivaulx Abbey, Interior of the Choir by Philip Henry Delamotte & Joseph Cundall
26 Delamotte Body

An albumen print, titled Rivaulx Abbey, Interior of the Choir, by Philip Henry Delamotte and Joseph Cundall.

Young Christ Jesus by David Walter McDermott & Mssrs. McDermott
Bomb 14 Mcdermott Body

Young Christ Jesus, oil on linen, by Mssrs. McDermott and McGough.

Two Photographs by Sarah Charlesworth
Bomb 14 Charlesworth2 Body

Two cibachrome prints of religious figures, Buddha and Madonna by Sarah Charlesworth.

 The Seal of Life by Carl Apfelschnitt
Carl Apfelschnitt

Handmade paper with pigment, The Seal of Life by Carl Apfelschnitt.

Christ in the 21st Century by Gin Taylor
Bomb 9 Taylor 001 Body
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