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Life Like: Sculpture, Color, and the Body by Cynthia Eardley
Life Like1

A historical survey of figurative sculpture.

Life Like: Sculpture, Color, and the Body by Cynthia Eardley
Life Like1

A historical survey of figurative sculpture.

Matt Porterfield by Steve Macfarlane
I Used to Be Darker

Filmmaker Matt Porterfield discusses the degrees of accessibility of his films and the process behind his most recent project I Used to Be Darker.

Sleep Walking by Erik Benson
Benson Full Moon Dead Vines Body

A selection of images from painter Erik Benson’s newest series, Sleep Walking, as well as stop-motion video showing a painting in progress.

Dirty Realism: Reichardt on Ice by Annie Dewitt
Reichardt 01 Body

Annie Dewitt reviews Kelly Reichardt’s new film, Wendy and Lucy.

Péter Nádas by Davis Kovacs
Nadas1 Body

A scholar not only of literature, but of culture, horticulture, and above all the human body and its communications, Nádas presents a picture of temperament and elegance in the great tradition of the European intellectual.

Sarah Ruhl by Paula Vogel
Ruhl01 Body

“I come into the theater wanting to feel and think at the same time… That is the pinnacle of a great night at the theater.”

Visible Evidence by Suzan Sherman
Sherman 1

My father was a documentary film editor for 35 years. 

Catherine Murphy by Francine Prose
Catherine Murphy 01 Bomb 053

Francine Prose, author of the novel Hunters and Gatherers, delves into realism and the real act of painting time with figurative painter Catherine Murphy.

Charles Ray by Paul Dickerson
Charles Ray 01 Bomb 052

Sculptors Charles Ray and Paul Dickerson go beyond studio talk in a peripatetic stroll through museums, lunch at the Carlyle and a cab ride.

Mary Ellen Mark by Allen Frame
Mark 01 Body

“I don’t like to think of myself as a photojournalist. I’m a documentary photographer. I photograph reality.”

Terry Kinney by Craig Gholson
Kinney 01 Body

Terry Kinney, a founding member of the Steppenwolf Theatre Company, talks about his play, Brilliant Traces, and why he prefers acting over directing.

Jörg Immendorff by Heidrun Reshöft
Immendorff 01 Body

Heidrun Roshöft conveys the most formative experiences in Jörg Immendorff’s life … from artistic isolation in West Germany, a camaraderie with fellow German artist A. R. Penck, to the development of the Café Deutschland series.

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