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Artificial Families: Matthew Angelo Harrison Interviewed by Tausif Noor
Matthew Angelo Harrison1

The malleable biographies of cultural objects.

Artificial Families: Matthew Angelo Harrison Interviewed by Tausif Noor
Matthew Angelo Harrison1

The malleable biographies of cultural objects.

Object Possibilities: Stories of Almost Everyone by Michael Valinsky
Stories Of Almost Everyone1

The Thingliness of Things at the Hammer Museum.

Portfolio by David Horvitz

A collection of new, old, and ongoing works.

Claire Fontaine by Anthony Huberman
Fontaine 01 Body

Claire Fontaine lives in Paris. Her “assistants” are Fulvia Carnevale and James Thornhill, an Italian-British artist duo.

Christian Marclay by Ben Neill

For over 20 years Christian Marclay has been creating works that explore the intersection of the aural and the visual, reflecting on the nature of how sound and image are related.

Pepón Osorio by Jennifer Gonzalez
Osorio 4 Body

Most urban dwellers live within their own limit politics—a linked network of socially and economically circumscribed spaces. 

Michael Phelan by David Hunt
Phelan 1 Body
Al Souza by Suzan Sherman
Souza 01 Body

When a jigsaw puzzle is first spilled from its box there is the chaos of hundreds, sometimes even thousands of individual parts—some so tiny they reveal themselves only as a dollop of color, a ripple of cloth or the tooth of a smile—which, after much effort, the trials and errors of fitting and not fitting, are made into a whole.

José Antonio Hernandez-Diez by Carlos Brillembourg
Hernandez Diez 1

José Antonio Hernandez-Diez poses an inversion of the ordinary, an inversion that makes the viewer complicit in the humor that constructs his artwork.

Cildo Meireles by Dan Cameron
Meireles 1

Cildo Meireles’s work offers an intensive multisensorial experience that challenges our most fundamental notions of what art can be. 

Ebb by Amy Jenkins
61 Jenkins 01 Body
Peter Boynton by Saul Ostrow
Boynton 1 Body

The triumphant return of Duchamp’s “readymade” in the 1960s and its acceptance as a form of art making in the 1980s, is thought of as marking the final phase in the conceptualization of art

Mike Bidlo by Anney Bonney
Bidlo 01

Michael Bidlo shares his relation to the “masters” as a copyist of the Modernist canon and at times looses himself in the process, not sure even of his own voice or thoughts at times.

Robert Gober by Craig Gholson
104117913 11052015 Gobert Robert 01 Bomb 029

“The Church was a very sick place. The Church that I knew was an extremely hypocritical institution. That might be where I got my initial inspiration of perversity, growing up within the Catholic Church.”

Star Trek, Neo-Geo: The Next Generation by Steve DiBenedetto

Portfolio curated by Olivier Mosset.

Two Sculptures by Jeff Koons
Koons01 Body

Two ’80s works by Jeff Koons: New Hoover Convertibles, Shelton Wet/Dry Doubledeckerand Two Ball Total Equilibrium Tank.

Two Sculptures by Bill Woodrow
Bomb 15 Woodrow 001 Body

Two sculptures of altered ready-mades like a chair and a locker, Harvest and Closet by Bill Woodrow.

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