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Hoaxing History by Hayden Bennett
Paul La Farge 01

Obscuring the past to get at truth in Paul La Farge’s The Night Ocean

Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club by Linda Yablonsky
​Chuck Palahniuk

The narrator of this hypnotic, harrowing, bitterly comic first novel thinks he’s a tough guy.

Rubem Fonseca’s Vast Emotions and Imperfect Thoughts translated by Clifford Landers by Minna Proctor
64 Rubem Fonseca Homepage
Old School Books by Robert Polito
​Chester Himes

Chester Himes’s The End of the Primitive, Robert Dean Pharr’s Giveadamn Brown, Henry van Dyke’s The Dead Piano, and Clarence Cooper’s Black! are the latest releases from Old School Books, the ambitious black fiction rediscovery series W.W. Norton launched this past fall.

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