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Steffani Jemison by Ben Lerner
Steffani Jemison Bomb 01

Early film, nineteenth-century science fiction, and experimental musical languages serve a young artist’s explorations of race and our political present.

eteam’s OS Grabeland: Art Novel by Micaela Morrissette
556123651 09072016 Eteam 01 Bomb 137

The art book has changed. 

Wolf Vostell and Dick Higgins’s Fantastic Architecture by Eva Díaz
Fuller Buckminster 01 Bomb 134

Buildings are big, expensive, and they have a tendency to stick around a long time. So what’s an artist who wants to disturb “the repressive architecture of bureaucracy and luxury” to do?

Mossless Magazine by Ashley McNelis
​Issue 2 of Mossless

The founders of Mossless on turning their photography blog into a magazine: why self-publishing can be the scary future of art books.

Gwen Allen by Alex Zafiris
Appearances No 10

Allen on her new book Artists’ Magazines: An Alternative Space for Art.

The Ganzfeld by Matthea Harvey
Blegvad 1 Body

Like that of the magnified moth on the cover of its third issue, The Ganzfeld‘s wingspan is wider and stranger than its modest self-description as “an annual book of pictures and prose.”

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