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Con Auto Gens by Laura Elrick

Around certain clusters of the dead, almost magnetically, a vortex of opacity gathers in the record. 

Three Poems by Rosmarie Waldrop

One must think of, but finally, I had to agree, not walk around naked, not in body or spirit. Not write about, when what is a word, at the risk of disconnection, no longer ask. What it would take. Acknowledge the dark, though with dreams in color and. If still possible. Moist skin against the page.

Four Poems by Mary Jo Bang

In any narrative, facts are present or not. One might assume the more facts, the better the constructed history, since facts are meant to reflect what can’t be computed by storytelling alone, which is said to be subjective and therefore inaccurate.

The Hermit by Lucy Ives

Zachary talks about wanting to be with someone because he feels like he can be a better person for someone else.

Four Poems by Jennifer H. Fortin

The challenge is not to launch into space. It is how to treat other people.

A.D. by Jericho Brown
Benlerner1 Body Body

Each wounds you badly, but no boy hurts
Like the first one did

(Irrelevant) Mass Delusion in Cajas by Mauro Javier Cardenas
2013 Tower Body

on the other hand if someone were to ask Leopoldo about his pilgrimage to Cajas, 

Late and Soon, Getting and Spending: Prose Sonnets on Dailiness by Jessica Baran

1. I’m not interested in propaganda.

Bhanu Kapil by Katherine Sanders
Bhanu Kapil

As rioting continues in the UK, Bhanu Kapil’s first book, The Vertical Interrogation of Strangers, now published ten years ago, feels as relevant as ever, giving us a chorus of voices talking about dismemberment and change.

Auto-Tune by Ben Lerner

The phase vocoder bends the pitch of
  my voice toward a norm.

Three Poems by Laura Mullen

This First Proof contains the poems “Ghost Mist (Pacific Coast Highway),” “With,” and “Glitch.”

Poem Written From November 30 to March 27 by Juliana Spahr

After September 11, I kept thinking that the United States wouldn’t invade Afghanistan. I was so wrong about that.

Three Poems by Jamey Dunham

The apes are mulling about the magazine racks and rhinoceros are shuffling their feet. 

At the Moment of Destruction, You Stop to Examine the Wreckage by Laura Migdal

Our love arrived on a platform of the subway station at Grand Army Plaza.

Two Poems by Albert Mobilio

Misled as to the nature of your overtures, still I ended up waking in your royal house on a bed of snow-colored leaves to the sound of sibilant birds.

Scenarios by Jaime Pablo Guevara Miraval
Monica Sarsini’s Eruptions by Barry Schwabsky

Monica Sarsini has a talent for describing sensory experience. Taste, touch, and color come alive through a unique voice.

City Terrace Field Manual by Sesshu Foster

This First Proof contains an excerpt from the collection of prose poetry City Terrace Field Manual.

Paul Schmidt by April Bernard
Paul Schmidt

Wonderful as it is to have two books by Paul Schmidt—poet, playwright, translator, actor, teacher—appearing at the same time, it is also a bit confusing.

Lucie Brock-Broido by Carole Maso
Brock Broido 01 Body

Novelist Carole Maso unearths the darkness in the dizzying poems of Lucie Brock-Broido, collected in her 1995 book, a seven year project inspired by Emily Dickinson’s Master Letters.

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