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Radical Habitation: Gordon Matta-Clark: Anarchitect by Forrest Muelrath
Matta Clark1

Making interiors exterior.

Radical Habitation: Gordon Matta-Clark: Anarchitect by Forrest Muelrath
Matta Clark1

Making interiors exterior.

Brie Ruais by James Trainor
Ruais 1

It was a relationship that, from the outset, was not fated to last. She knew that.

JJ Peet by Sabine Russ
Bomb114 Jj Peet 01

JJ Peet might surreptitiously reach into a drawer of kernels, grab an equalizer in the form of a wire or a pin and apply it to one of the dueling opponents—a sock-covered brick (the Resistant) and a home-made miniature cannon (the Luxury Leader). 

Joan Waltemath by Mary Jones
​Joan Waltemath 1

Joan Waltemath’s paintings are not to be seen, but experienced. Their architectural nature speaks to the body and its 1:1 connection to surface. In this Post-Impressions, Mary Jones speaks to the artist, writer, and educator about the importance of touch and language on perception.

Roxy Paine by Tod Williams & Billie Tsien

As architects we work for many different clients on a wide variety of projects, from private residences to laboratories, swimming pools, libraries, and museums.

Roman Signer by Armin Senser
Signer 01 Body

“Curiosity is already a sign of intelligence. Cows are not stupid at all. They view the landscape meditatively when they take their siesta.” Roman Signer

Keith Tyson by Glenn Brown
Tyson 01 Body

Keith Tyson explains his “Artmachine” computer program, which pulls pieces of information from a reservoir of different sources and matches them at random to create project proposals which are then considered for construction.

Social Volition by Cora Cohen
Ralph Humphrey 01

Ralph Humphrey asked me about ten times what I thought of his last show. I said something different each time he asked. 

Jackie Winsor by Craig Gholson
Winsor 06 Body

Jackie Winsor talks to Craig Gholson about the influences of color on her sculptures and the discoveries she comes across through her work, as well as the dichotomous elemental impact of fire.

Mark Pauline by Bill Edmondson
Pauline 01

Mark Pauline and Survival Research Laboratories are leading exponents of machine performance.

Left Brain/Right Brain: Alan Scarritt by Keith Sonnier
Article 61  Scarritt

Alan Scarritt discusses his mandala-esque plaster spirals, and the sound of a harmonica in a warm room, with fellow artist Keith Sonnier.

The Marriage of Magic and Madness by Jackie Winsor

Three views of a sculpture by Jackie Winsor titled The Marriage of Magic & Madness.

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