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One Piece: There’s a bright side somewhere by Alteronce Gumby
Alteronce Gumby Brightside

The artist talks about the genesis, composition, and execution of a recently completed work.

Studio Visit: Cy Gavin by Ryan Chapman
520325821 08162017 Cy Gavin Studio Bomb 1

Paint and plenty of fauna in a Dutchess County barn

Wu Tsang & boychild by Tess Altman
135863510 08182017 Wu Tsang And Boychild Motion 01

“It’s about creating the conditions for a moment.”

Eric Baudelaire by Benoît Rossel
Eric Baudelaire Bomb Magazine 01

Inspired by Japanese “landscape theory,” a Parisian artist-filmmaker explains why he prefers to show us the world as his subjects see it.

David Levine by James N. Kienitz Wilkins
David Levine Bomb 01

Body swapping, infinite loops, and ’70s conspiracy thrillers haunt the dynamic performances of a movie-loving artist and the actors he works with.

How to Tell a Story by John Menick
John Menick Bomb 01

Several years ago, I began reading books about how to write books. 

Lynda Benglis by Federica Bueti
Lynda Benglis Bomb 01

The eminent artist discusses her materials, “frozen gestures,” and the illusion of form.

Roe Ethridge by Tim Griffin
Roe Ethridge Bomb 01

Humor, commerce, and family play big roles in Ethridge’s conceptual photography.

Angie Keefer and Liz Magic Laser by Liz Magic Laser
Angie Keefer Bomb 01

Two interdisciplinary artists tackle the analogies between artistic, moral, and monetary value.

Portfolio by Tristan Perich

Images of the process behind making 0.01s: The First 1/100th Second of 1-Bit Symphony, Perich’s new conceptual art book coming out in early December.

Los Angeles Studio Visits #2: Hailey Loman & Jakob Brugge by Molly Surno
Map By Kristen Montero

A series of conversations about location, process, and practice.

Kim Hiorthøy by Melanie Bonajo
Kim Hiorthøy 01

Scandinavian forests, psychedelic brews, and stolen Wi-Fi.

Craig Leon by Scott Davis
Craig Leon

Interplanetary folk music, the production tricks behind the Ramones’ success, and how to produce a classic song.

Los Angeles Studio Visits #1: John Burtle & Guan Rong by Molly Surno

A series of conversations about location, process, and practice.

Whiz Kid: Xylor Jane
Xj2011 009 Small Body

Away from the classroom and into the gallery space! Xylor Jane proves that artists get A’s in math, too.

Brave New World: Micki Pellerano at Envoy by Legacy Russell
Space Ritual

Micki Pellerano creates his own cosmos in his drawings. Legacy Russell takes a walking tour through the Lower East Side’s envoy enterprises and the mythical regions of an artist’s mind, beyond revelation.

Procedural Musings: Kelsey Henderson by Lynn Maliszewski
Kelsey Henderson 1

Kelsey Henderson exposes the vulnerability of eye contact in a crowd, of interest met with hesitation, of momentary synchronicity. Masha Bed (2009) bashfully contended for attention at 3rd Ward’s Group Show in the winter of 2009.

Jem Cohen by Montana Wojczuk
Jem Cohen

Our intrepid film correspondent Montana Wojczuk caught up with Jem Cohen for this podcast. They had a broad ranging discussion covering topics from 8mm film, to Jeff Koons.

Debora Silverman’s Van Gogh and Gauguin: The Search for the Sacred Art by Judith Linhares

The artist as romantic outsider has been a staple of the popular imagination for much of the 20th-century. Debora Silverman’s new book, Van Gogh and Gauguin: The Search for Sacred Art puts into context these well known 19th-century artists, while restoring a sense of dignity to their individual pursuits.

Harry Mathews by Lynne Tillman
Mathews 01 Body

Harry Mathews has covered the literary terrain: as short story writer, poet, novelist, essayist, translator and editor.

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