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National Disintegrations by Braden King
Braden King Freeport 01

Art and exchange in extraterritorial territories

National Disintegrations by Braden King
Braden King Freeport 01

Art and exchange in extraterritorial territories

Laura Poitras’s Risk by Anya Jaremko-Greenwold
Laura Poitras Risk Bomb Magazine 01

Over the course of six years, filmmaker Laura Poitras had unparalleled access to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and his closest confidantes. What she captured became Risk, the follow-up to her Oscar-winning Edward Snowden exposé, Citizenfour (2014).

The Enigma of Julian Assange by Anya Jaremko-Greenwold
Julian Assange 01

Risk, a new documentary by Laura Poitras, follows the Wikileaks founder as public perception sours.

Trevor Paglen & Jacob Appelbaum
Paglen Bomb 01

“The Internet is a predatory network that is, on one side, potentially a very coercive tool of totalitarian power and, on the other side, a tool that will increasingly be used to allocate rights and privileges through commercial means. Can we envision a different kind of network?”

Deborah Stratman by Pamela Cohn
Deborah Stratman 1 Bomb

Sound, image, espionage, and methods of control.

Paper Clip #78
Herzog portrait

Paper Clip is a weekly compilation of online articles, artifacts and other—old, new, and sometimes BOMB-related.

Ice Cold by Alan W. King
Tim Seibles Body

Tim Seibles on teaching, privacy, and his National Book Award nominated Fast Animal.

K8 Hardy by Ariana Reines
Hardy 14 Body

The obsession with documentation and online sharing might have caused K8 Hardy to press pause on performing, at least for now. Hardy discusses, with poet Raines, the runway show she’s producing for the Whitney Biennial.

Danica Phelps by Christine Hill
Phelps 01

Christine Hill on how the frustrations, nuances, and random occurrences of everyday life figure into the drawings of Danica Phelps.

Thelma Garcia by Allen Frame
Garcia 1

For several years, Thelma Garcia has been creating black-and-white sequences in which she photographs herself from across the room, performing daily routines like taking a shower or making the bed.

Gillian Wearing  by Grady T. Turner​
Wearing 01 Body

Influenced by fly-on-the-wall documentaries of the ’70s, Turner Prize-winning artist Gillian Wearing has turned the form on its ear: recording her subjects’ confessions, then re-pairing sound and image, mixing the voices of adults, children and relatives.

Kendall Thomas by Lynne Tillman
Thomas 01 Body

Civil rights theorist and law professor Kendall Thomas talks to novelist Lynne Tillman about the legal history of racism, violence and the right to privacy in the United States. This article is part of the Bohen Series on critical discourse.

A.M. Homes  by Gregory Crewdson
Homes 01 Body

Set against Robert Frank’s Cocksucker Blues, A.M. Homes and artist Gregory Crewdson scrape the layers off suburban homes, revealing the surreal, the pornographic, and the psycho-sexual desires in her novel, The End of Alice.

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