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“What Hovers Beyond Language”: Jennifer Natalya Fink Interviewed by Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore
Jennifer Natalya Fink Image

Sex as ecstasy and trap.

FOLD: Golden Venture Paper Sculptures by Chantal McStay

From a tragic shipwreck to an epic, collective political art project.

Who Is More Guilty? Sable Elyse Smith’s Ordinary Violence by Rabia Ashfaque
Smith 11

The effects of incarceration. 

Just Keep Running: A Conversation with Tongo Eisen-Martin by Jeffrey Grunthaner
Eisen Martin Banner1

The poet on prison writing, collective art-making, Bay-area resistance, and being read in a thousand years.

Ghosts of History: An Interview with Jesmyn Ward by Louis Elliott
Jesmyn Ward Banner

Congratulations to Ward on winning the 2017 National Book Award for Sing, Unburied, Sing.

Danny Lyon by Susan Meiselas
Danny Lyon 1

Meiselas speaks with fellow photographer Lyon on the occasion of his recent survey exhibition at the Menil Collection in Houston.

Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence by Clinton Krute
Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence 01

The vast rewards offered by the films of Nagisa Oshima, exemplified by the strange, unclassifiable Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence, are just beginning to be appreciated in America.

Bernard-Henri Lévy by Frederic Tuten
Coming Down by Lawrence Chua

In the afternoon, Hollywood Ketsouvan-nasane listens to a radio describe the snowstorm that would arrive that night. 

Three Poems by Faraj Bayraqdar

Translation, like any public act, must be strategic to have any effect. 

Release and Capture by Fionn Meade
James’ Journey to Jerusalem by Liza Béar
Bomb 87 James1 Body

In his startlingly upbeat feature fiction debut, Ra’anan Alexandrowicz presents a contemporary odyssey through the seamy underbelly of Israeli society.

Five Poems by Raúl Gómez Jattin
Angel Delgado by Orlando Hernandez
Delgado 01

Orlando Hernandez on how controversy and time in prison shaped the art and career of Angel Delgado.

James Casebere by Roberto Juarez
Casebere 01 Body

“Jefferson and Monticello are mythic. A lot of the work that I’ve done is related to this search for origins, and Jefferson represents the origin of an American self-image.”

Richard Jacoby’s Conversations with the Capeman by Jaime Manrique
Portfolio by Donna Decesare
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Arne Svenson’s Prisoners by Suzan Sherman
63 Arne Svenson Body

In his book, Prisoners, Svenson has adopted a group of forgotten children; mug shot negatives which he found, developed, and brought back from the dead.

Steve Earle by David Gates
Earle1 Body

Steve Earle’s get-down, down-home sounds cross the line from Rock to Country, and his album Washington Square Serenade, snagged a Grammy in 2008. In this 1998 interview, David Gates finds a man as complex and concise as his music.

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