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Pushing the Conversation Forward: Dyani White Hawk Interviewed by Sheila Regan
Untitled All The Colors Dyani White Hawk1

A museum exhibition of interdisciplinary work by an Indigenous woman artist.

Pushing the Conversation Forward: Dyani White Hawk Interviewed by Sheila Regan
Untitled All The Colors Dyani White Hawk1

A museum exhibition of interdisciplinary work by an Indigenous woman artist.

Investigating Violence: Jonathan Herrera Soto Interviewed by Erica N. Cardwell
Jonathan Herrera Soto1

Presenting the missing in prints and installations.

Portfolio by Sabine Mirlesse
Sabine Mirlesse1

Mining marble for stars.

End Page by Sto Len
Blackened Ntc

Sto Len is a printmaker, painter, and installation and performance artist. He cofounded the alternative arts space Cinders Gallery in Brooklyn.

French Artist Vincent Sardon Puts His Stamp on French Culture by Michael Valinsky

“My work simply reflects the world, which seems to have been created by an absolute moron.”

Portfolio by Adam Pendleton
Adam Pendleton Bomb 11

Black Dada, System of Display

End Page by Jonathan Horowitz
198196795 09072016 Jonathan Horowitz 01 Bomb 137

This work by Jonathan Horowitz was produced as a poster for the Jewish Museum exhibition Take Me (I’m Yours), on view September 16, 2016–February 5, 2017.

Eldzier Cortor by Terry Carbone
Cortor Bomb 1

“I’m fighting between control and letting nature take its course.”

Sam Messer by Mary Reid Kelley
Messer 01

Siddhartha Gautama
Grew rather stout from a 
Devotion unremitting
To sitting.

Richard Barnett’s The Sick Rose: Disease and the Art of Medical Illustration by Andrew Bourne
Sickrose L0074348

With the landmark publication of De humani corporis fabrica in 1543, Vesalius may have forever linked human anatomy, at least pictorially, with the aesthetics of the sixteenth-century woodcut—its perfect draftsmanship, edifying gore, and rather ham-handed theatricality. 

Eight Works by Sean Mellyn

Eight works by Sean Mellyn, including new additions to Paper Monet (begun in 2008) and Eyecharts(begun in 2010). 

Paper Monet by Laurie Simmons
Paper Monet

What better way to luncheon in the garden than on Sean Mellyn’s subversive/commemorative Monet-inspired Chinette? Laurie Simmons speaks with Mellyn about his residency in Giverny and the work that sprung forth from the lily pond.

Procedural Musings: Rachel Beach by Lynn Maliszewski
Rachel Beach Studio In Transition Finished Work And New Work In Progress

Lynn Maliszewski talks with artist Rachel Beach, tracing Beach’s preoccupation with transitions in perception, from the sculptural disorientations shown at Like the Spice Gallery to her upcoming residency at the Lower East Side Printshop.

Roadworks: Experimental Printing with Heavy Machinery by Christine Lagorio

In a once-yearly street-printing event, the San Francisco Center for the Book breaks out a tractor-like road-roller to compression-print linoleum block works.

In Words: Ruby Sky Stiler by Kelly Devine Thomas
Rubyskystiler Body
Untitled by Cecily Brown
Bomb 91 4 Website Body
Caio Fonseca by Peter Elley
Fonseca 01 Body

Peter Elley on how the artist Caio Fonseca and his paintings transcend business-as-usual in the art world.

Clutter by Douglas Blau
38 Blau 01 Body

A collection of photographs, prints, and paintings curated by Douglas Blau. Pictured are various kinds of collections through history from artists such as Jan Steen, Albrecht Dürer, and more. 

Caribbean Tea Time by David Hockney
32 Helman 6 Hockney  Body

Lithograph, screen print, collage and stencil piece on a folding, five panel screen of a table set for tea, Caribbean Tea Time by David Hockney. This piece appears in the portfolio The Folding Screen, curated by Ursula Helman.

Three Works by Mel Kendrick
Kendrick 1 Body

Mel Kendrick’s wooden sculptures record the history of their own making. Wood has a history inherent in its markings. So too, his work scribbles the process of its being. Cuts are marks, and shapes are cut-out and glued (somewhere else) in a wildly primitive and aggressively peculiar physicality. “The whole process is constantly reinventing itself … a composite of awkward moments …” The awkward moment between indecision and acceptance becomes, in the end, simultaneously their history and their present, a riotous balancing act.

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