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Hans Witschi by Zipora Fried
Witschi 2001 1000

Zipora Fried talks with Witschi about the intricate methodology that inspires his paintings, his digital image archive, and his musical notation.

Jacqueline Humphries by Cecily Brown
Humphries 01

It’s a relatively limited type of adjective that clings to recent abstract painting: intricate, quiet, lyrical, seductive, mysterious, atmospheric.

Meg Cranston, Melissa Kretschmer, and Maya Lin by Saul Ostrow & David Pagel
Cranston02 Body

“You could ask me, ‘Why do you do it this way?’ There’s absolutely no way I could tell you. It takes me a month with a piece of lead on a table. And day by day, it gets folded or bent. And that becomes this underlying, hidden piece that you barely see.”

Alain Kirili by Saul Ostrow
Alain Kirili 1 Bomb 32

The joy of flesh, femininity, and pleasure flow from the hands of Alain Kirili into his abstract sculptures creating a suggestive and tactile experience for the audience.

Jene Highstein by David Seidner
Highstein 01

David Seidner describes the spatially-aware sculptures of Jene Highstein as “awesome yet inviting somehow: shapes that beckon to caress, that speak of intimacy, be they the size of a fist, or a ten ton piece of polished black granite.”

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