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The Necessary Rage by Scott Esposito
Iván Repila 01

On Iván Repila’s The Boy Who Stole Attila’s Horse

The Necessary Rage by Scott Esposito
Iván Repila 01

On Iván Repila’s The Boy Who Stole Attila’s Horse

Jesse Moss by Pamela Cohn
Pastor And Overnighters 1

Compassion, religion, and secrets in a North Dakota boom town.

Atticus Lish by Jesse Barron
Atticus Lish

Hardship, the borough of Queens, and new American pilgrims.

Tony Medina’s Broke Baroque by Patricia Spears Jones
Tony Medina Broke Baroque

The second week in January, when I wrote this piece, marked the fiftieth anniversary of the war on poverty. More than forty-seven million people are currently living below the official poverty line.

Benh Zeitlin’s Beasts of the Southern Wild by Leon Falk
Ec Beasts 2

Many months ago, when I first heard of Beasts of the Southern Wild and knew absolutely nothing about it, I wondered what type of an animal it could possibly be; the title so completely engaged my imagination.

The People Who Got into Trouble: Boris Mikhailov’s Case History at MOMA by Kevin Kinsella
Boris Mikhailov 1

“It is a disgraceful world, populated by some creatures that were once humans, but now these living beings are degraded, ghastly, appalling.” Kevin Kinsella discusses the photography exhibition, Boris Mikhailov: Case Study, which runs at MoMa until September fifth.

LaToya Ruby Frazier and Greg Lindquist
10 02 Body

Photographer and curator LaToya Ruby Frazier sat down with painter Greg Lindquist to discuss the aesthetics of gentrification and decay.

Saïd Sayrafiezadeh’s When Skateboards Will Be Free by Lena Valencia
Article 3573 Skateboards1

When a child is raised according to political doctrine, political decisions and personal habits become one and the same. 

Paul Graham’s a shimmer of possibility by Todd Papageorge
Ec Grahamshimmer2 Copy Body
Afterword to the play Alice Invents a Little Game and Alice Always Wins by Nick Flynn

When asked what his plays were about, Harold Pinter once famously and facetiously replied that they were all about “the weasel under the cocktail cabinet.”

Brooke Alfaro by Mónica Kupfer
Alfaro01 Body

Brooke Alfaro is a quiet man, so I feared that interviewing him would be arduous, but I was wrong. 

Samuel Mockbee by Judy Hudson
Mockbee 02 Body
Zhang Yimou’s Not One Less by Mark Magill
Zhang Yimou

Centered around a 13-year-old substitute teacher in a remote and impoverished rural village, Not One Less delivers an important lesson in worth.

Portfolio by Donna Decesare
68 Decesare 01 Body
Four Poems by Gigi Marks

Miscellaneous Costs

So it is true that nothing

Kill Kill Faster Faster by Joel Rose

This First Proof contains an excerpt from the novel Kill Kill Faster Faster.

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