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Pedro Costa by Michael Guarneri
Costa 1

Documentary, realism, and life on the margins.

Pedro Costa by Michael Guarneri
Costa 1

Documentary, realism, and life on the margins.

Casa de Lava: Scrapbook by Tânia Cypriano
Cypriano 2001 201000

While filming, Pedro Costa met people there who led him to Fontainhas, a now-vanished slum on the outskirts of Lisbon where many Cape Verdean immigrants used to live. Even as it was being torn down, this place became the location and actual subject of Costa’s future projects.

Gonçalo M. Tavares by Pedro Sena Nunes
Tavares 2 Body

“We face the book when reading. We do not read out of the corner of our eyes; to read is to turn the body toward the letter.”

With My Dog-Eyes by Hilda Hilst

“Vita brevis, sensus ebes, negligentiae torpor et inutiles occupationes nos paucula scire permittent. Et aliquotients scita excutit ab animo per temporum lapsum frudatrix scientiae et inimica memoriae praeceps oblivio.”

Clandestine Happiness by Clarice Lispector

She was fat, short, freckled and with sort of reddish excessively frizzy hair. 

Miguel Gomes by Giovanni Marchini Camia
​Miguel Gomes

“Cinema has lost its youth.”

Laura Lima by Cabelo
Laura Lima 01

An artist on artists text on Laura Lima by Cabelo, accompanied by several photographs of sculpture pieces by Laura Lima, the first titled Gala Chicken.

Jarbas Lopes by Luis Andrade
Jarbas Lopes 01

A artists on artists text on sculpture artist Jarbas Lopes by Luis Andrade, accompanied by three photographs of sculptures by Jarbas Lopes, the first titled Troca-Troca (Switch-Switch).

Three Poems by Francisco Alvim
​Francisco Alvim

Sometimes the gaze follows
the network of light
without any curiosity

Excerpt from Nine Nights by Bernardo Carvalho
​Bernardo Carvalho

This is for when you get here. You have to be prepared. Somebody has to warn you.

Four Poems by Adélia Prado

Meditation Beside a Poem

I pruned the rosebush at precisely the right moment

Alice and the Old Lady by Cristovāo Tezza

The audacity of putting an ad in the newspaper—Writing Consultant, along with my phone number and two vague specifications (classes and proofreading)—paid off the very next morning. 

Five Poems by Manoel de Barros

Day One

Yesterday it rained in the future.

Jonas by Patrícia Melo

It couldn’t be real.

I put down the book with the feeling that something sinister was happening.

Olivia and Xania by Rubem Fonseca

Regarded by many critics as Brazil’s foremost living author, Rubem Fonseca (b. 1925) has for more than four decades captured in his fiction the societal anxieties besetting inhabitants of his nation’s sprawling cityscapes.

Bloody Sun (Flat Lands) by Salgado Maranhāo

For: Cineas Santos
Sérgio Natureza

Tunga by Simon Lane
Tunga 01 Body

The magician never gives away his secrets. Tunga is content to explain his, yet the sum of these secrets remains a mystery.

The Dead Man’s Dream by Mia Couto

This First Proof contains “The Dead Man’s Dream,” an excerpt from Under the Frangipani.

Adélia Prado by Ellen Doré Watson
Adélia Prado 01

Adélia Prado’s poetry is filled with a reverence for the commonplace—the color yellow, a refrigerator, a rooster, a black umbrella—through which she expresses her divine faith in God. She speaks with her English translator, Ellen Doré Watson.

Fernando Pessoa by Robert Polito
65 Fernando Pessoa 1 Body

Only a few years ago Fernando Pessoa was all but invisible in English. Now this outsider’s outsider looms as the latest icon of modern poetry.

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