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The Scandal of Style: Jeff Dolven Interviewed by Louis Bury
Dolven Photo

“Most definitions of style pare away its contradictions in order to make self-consistent arguments. I wanted to own up to style’s inconvenient range of meanings, to try to explain that range rather than resolve it.”

Spoleto ‘65 by Bill Berkson
378816223 09272016 Bill Berkson 02 Bomb 137

Frank O’Hara was asked by Gian Carlo Menotti to select the American poets for Settimana della Poesia at the Spoleto Festival of Two Worlds, June 26 through July 2, 1965. 

Two Books by C.D. Wright by Ariana Reines
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I saw C.D. Wright at a party once. I wasn’t her friend or her student. She was beautiful and graceful; something girlish about her face under the white hair.

Poet on New York by Luis Méndez Domínguez
The Hague Hollands Spoor

A newly translated interview with Federico García Lorca from 1933.

Jed Rasula and Tim Conley’s Burning City: Poems of Metropolitan Modernity by Alan Gilbert
Anatol Stern's Europa

There are many artistic modernisms. There are alternative modernisms, alternatives to modernism, and antimodernisms.

Letters from Ted: Dear Sandy, Hello by Levi Rubeck
Article 4680  Dear  Sandy   Hello2

BOMBlog’s Levi Rubeck delves into this correspondence between the poet Ted Berrigan and his young wife, who had had been committed to a psychiatric ward by her parents after marrying the drug-and-Pepsi-addled beatnik poet.

Writing The Silences by Peter Moysaenko
Richard moore 1

Despite publishing work in Poetry in his mid-twenties, despite hanging at Rexroth’s anarcho-art salons on Portero Hill, Writing the Silences is only Richard O. Moore’s second book, decades of poems—a lifetime of poems—pared into one stark collection. Bomblog’s Peter Moysaenko reviews.

Peter Cole by Ben Lerner
Cole 01 Body

“I used to want to separate the poet from the translator in me, but that’s no longer possible, nor is it desirable. On the contrary.” 

Joan Murray by Thomas Bolt
Joan Murray Body

If The Yale Younger Poets Anthology did nothing more than return Joan Murray to print, it would be indispensable.

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