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Sheree Hovsepian by Haley Mellin
Sheree Hovsepian Bomb 01

Hovsepian addresses current matters in her work, but she does so in a vocabulary that moves beyond binaries and beyond Western mentality, one that follows a different way of thinking and feeling.

Michelle Charles by George Negroponte
​Michelle Charles 01

There is a deceptive simplicity to Michelle Charles’s images of medicine bottles, honey jars, bars of soap, and other household objects.

James Welling by Devon Golden
265271895 08042015 James Welling 01 Bomb 087

In spite of his six-foot-plus height, you might easily overlook James Welling in a crowded room. With his shaggy gray hair and tortoiseshell glasses, he looks every bit the UCLA tenured professor that he is. 

The Kitten Papers by Kunié Sugiura
Sugiura Kunie 01 Bomb 042

Two photograms featuring imprints left by kittens on photographic paper.

Two Photographs by Gregory Rukavina
Gregory Rukavina 1 Bomb 15

Two platinum-palladium photographs by Gregory Rukavina. Taken from False Work—ADAMINUS/DESCO/GEOR/IO.ME/FECI/T. (Part 1).

Untitled Paragraph by Alan Scarritt
Bomb 10 Scarritt 001 Body
Left Brain/Right Brain: Alan Scarritt by Keith Sonnier
Article 61  Scarritt

Alan Scarritt discusses his mandala-esque plaster spirals, and the sound of a harmonica in a warm room, with fellow artist Keith Sonnier.

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