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What Objects Can Do: on Jiro Takamatsu by William Corwin
692153101 08222017 Jiro Takamutsu 01

A new look at the actions, drawings, and sculpture of the late Japanese artist.

Portfolio by Dana Lok
262152063 11222015 Dana Lok Bomb 8

“Traditionally, a painting treats you to the front and center seats. I like the idea you might get a seat that’s off to the side.”

Phyllida Barlow & Vincent Fecteau
Barlow Fecteau 2001 1000

On sculpture’s theatricality and refusal to be imaged. 

Post Impressions: Switzerland For Movie Stars by Mary Jones
Img 2503Bversion1 Body

For this installment of Post Impressions, Kanishka Raja takes the scenic route from Kashmir to Switzerland in conceptualizing his latest series of paintings.

A Studio Visit with Shoshana Dentz by Mónica de la Torre​

BOMB visits the studio of visual artist Shoshanna Dentz, to talk about Beckett, content, and the human relationship to fences.

In Sight: Muse Film Festival, M. C. Escher’s Infinite Vision by Montana Wojczuk
Muse Film Festival

Jean Bergeron’s film on M. C. Escher, Achever l’inachevable (Achieving the Unachievable), shown at the MUSE film festival.

Vera Lutter by Peter Wollen
Frankfurt Airport Xiii Updatedimage Body

According to most accounts, the camera obscura was developed in Europe during the 13th- and 14th-centuries, although versions of the device may have been used even earlier in China and the Arab world. 

Glen Seator by Anthony Vidler
Seator 12 Body

In engaging architecture as both subject and material, over the past decade Glen Seator has challenged the terms of site specificity and transportability, as well as the traditional boundaries between art and architecture.

Chris Ware’s Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth by Matthea Harvey
Chris Ware Body

Chris Ware develops a unique vision in his tragic comic book Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth through wide-ranging style and perspective.

Toujours Pierre by Victoria Redel

She is Pierre like my ass is Pierre. She is Pierre like this cell is the goddamn White House and I am just the First Lady sitting on my ass waiting for an iced tea.

Almenrausch by Vivian Heller

If only he could stop and rest, at least long enough to catch his breath! 

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