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Portfolio by Jonathan VanDyke
Jonathan Vandyke Bomb 1

Jonathan VanDyke is an artist based in New York City.

Michele Araujo by Lisa Cohen
Araujo 01

In one painting, I am picked up and drawn into a wild weather event, a storm of color, wind, and light.

Dan Schmidt by James Siena
Dan Schmidt 01

Picture a man in New York City, wandering its busy streets. He spies a battered piece of small cast plastic on the sidewalk. Its shape is familiar to the eye and hand; it is intact but not instantly identifiable.

Olinda-Celeste by Lucia Koch
276947223 05072015 Lucia Koch Webex Bomb 102
Todd Oldham’s Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life by Jason Middlebrook
Ec Harper5 Feedingstation1954 Copy Body

A few weeks ago I loaded the station wagon with popcorn and beer and we all piled in, off to enjoy a lost American family experience: the drive-in. 

Karin Waisman by Shirley Kaneda
Karin Waisman Body

Inconsistency, contradiction and the feminization of minimalism are discussed in relation to Karin Waisman’s sculptural work.

Sol LeWitt by Saul Ostrow
Lewitt 01 Body

Sol LeWitt bridged the gap between Minimalism and Conceptualism, foregrounding the disparity between the world of language and that of objects and actions.

Sheila Berger by Mimi Thompson
Berger 02

Mimi Thompson on how Sheila Berger’s paintings manage to brilliantly evoke emotions, places and times.

Two Photographs by Gwenn Thomas
Bomb 52 Kino 001 Body
R310 and R311 by Carl Fudge
40 Fudge1 Body
Isaac Mizrahi, #104, 605, 200 (1988) by Suzan Etkin
Suzan Etkin Bomb 024 Sm

Isaac Mizrahi, #104, 605, 200 (1988) by Suzan Etkin—from the Artists Choose Designers portfolio, where nine New York artists interpret the work of nine fashion designers.

Camellian by Tina Girouard
9 Girouard Body
Alienation and the Itinerary by Georgia Marsh
Alienation And The Itinerary Body
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