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Tony Oursler by Maika Pollack
Tony Oursler Bomb 8

“I’m a multimedia artist. If it’s not in the museums or history books, then where’s my art history?”

R. H. Quaytman by Antonio Sergio Bessa
O Tópico, Chapter 27 01

On painting, architecture, and working in “chapters.”

Anoka Faruqee by David Humphrey
B2012P 04 Body

Anoka Faruqee’s dizzying moiré paintings teeter between physical fact and psychedelic fantasy.

Anthony McCall by Stephen Johnstone & Graham Ellard
Anthony McCall 01

Anthony McCall speaks with fellow artists Graham Ellard and Stephen Johnstone about his latest work, Between You and I.

Olafur Eliasson by Chris Gilbert
Eliasson 03 Body

Conceptual art’s shift away from the traditional art object—sometimes dubiously referred to as “dematerialization”—was more or less an idée reçue in the late 1980s and early ’90s, when Olafur Eliasson was beginning to make art as a student at the Royal Academy of Arts in Copenhagen.

Lyle Starr by Nicole Burdette
Lyle Starr Bomb 069

The first step into a gallery is often the most telling and for some artists a blessing—this is true for Lyle Starr. 

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