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Looking Back on 2017: Theater & Performance
Looking Back 2017 Theater

Featuring selections by Bethany Ides, Isaac Pool, Charles Bernstein, Matthew Weinstein, Ivan Talijancic, and more.

Looking Back on 2017: Theater & Performance
Looking Back 2017 Theater

Featuring selections by Bethany Ides, Isaac Pool, Charles Bernstein, Matthew Weinstein, Ivan Talijancic, and more.

Annie Baker’s The Antipodes by Marie-Helene Bertino
Annie Baker 01

The universe and the playwright

Alice Birch’s Revolt. She Said. Revolt Again. by Amber Power
275334527 06092016 Alice Birch Bomb 1

This guide is for women who feel that they will soon be engaged in a new revolution to overthrow the soul-crushing social codes that govern their sexual, professional, and familial lives. 

Annie Baker by Elianna Kan
Baker Annie 1

New York sees two of the playwright’s most recent works performed this fall, The Flick and John. She talks with Kan about her fondness for Chekhov’s plays, writing for certain actors, and the music of speech.

Taylor Mac by Katherine Cooper
Taylor Mac 02

On being an outsider, the nature of authenticity, and the depths of pop-culture.

There’s No Ink by Himali Singh Soin
Uncle Vanya

The writing is on the wall in Annie Baker’s reimagining of Uncle Vanya at the Soho Rep.

Scott Shepherd by Richard Maxwell
Scott Shepherd 1

I have seen Scott Shepherd perform many times as a core member in two of my favorite New York theater companies—Elevator Repair Service and The Wooster Group.

David Greenspan by Steven Drukman
Greenspan 01 Body

Even among that vibrant flock of downtown New York performer-playwrights (Wallace Shawn, Eric Bogosian, Holly Hughes), David Greenspan sticks out as a rare bird.

Donald Margulies by Romulus Linney
Marguiles 02 Body

I first met Donald Margulies at Sundance in the 1980s. An early play, What’s Wrong With This Picture?, was workshopped and given a fine reading. 

Joseph Chaikin by Liz Diamond
Chaikin 01 Body

Joseph Chaikin changed the face of theater with his Open Theater company and collaborations with Sam Shepard. The avant-garde director, who has garnered just about every theater award, speaks with Liz Diamond.

Gary Sinise by Scott Elliott
Sinise03 Body

Gary Sinise may have migrated to Hollywood, but it’s not all glitter and confetti for the long-time actor/director. From the trenches of Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre to the dazzle of a De Palma blockbuster, Sinise is a straight-up actor’s actor.

De La Guarda: Villa Villa by Darrell Larson
Article 5307 66  De  La  Guarda
Scott Elliott by Eric Bogosian
Elliot 01 Body

Scott Elliott’s meteoric rise as a theater director is hailed as the return to the tradition of ensemble acting.

When the World Was Green by Nicole Burdette
World Was Green

Joseph Chaikin and Sam Shepard together have created from the earth, with dirt on their hands and the imagination of the galaxy on their minds, an epic poem in the form of an Off Broadway play.

The Best of Broadway, On and Off… by Stuart Spencer

In the old days of theater, when the play was still the thing but movies were already a fast way to make a buck, New York playwrights hightailed it out to Hollywood after the current season had gotten underway. Then by the following summer, having made a killing in the schlock market, they’d be on the train heading back for Broadway to go into rehearsal for the next season.

Martha Plimpton by Frank Pugliese
Martha Plimpton 01 Bomb 056

Playwright and screenwriter Frank Pugliese and actress Martha Plimpton get real about what it means to make work, get work and keep on living in New York, L.A. and the theater world.

Ridge Theater by Patricia Coleman
Ridgetheater 01 Body

Ridge Theater walks the line between opera and the avant garde, biting over a hundred sounds a minute. An original look at how they do it.

Mac Wellman by Linda Yablonsky
Wellman 02 Body

Mac Wellman has written forty plays in twenty years. He speaks with Linda Yablonsky about his past work (“Bad Penny was the best thing I ever did”) and his adaptation of Ovid’s Metamorphosis, set in Florida.

Helen Mirren by Peter Eyre
Helen Mirren 01 Bomb 052

Don’t miss Helen Mirren in The Debt or issue 52 of BOMB. So take a flashback just like they do in the film, but to 1992, and check out Helen Mirren’s conversation with fellow actor Peter Eyre.

Richard Foreman by Eric Bogosian
Article 1768  Forman 01

“I am personally happiest when I am forced to solve a problem. The aggression onstage has to do with that.”

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