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from HEX by Rebecca Dinerstein Knight
Hex, Rebecca Dinerstein Knight, Viking Press

I am a woman who wakes up hungry. Tom touched only coffee till noon. You do what you’re capable of at some point, so Tom and I left each other.

from HEX by Rebecca Dinerstein Knight
Hex, Rebecca Dinerstein Knight, Viking Press

I am a woman who wakes up hungry. Tom touched only coffee till noon. You do what you’re capable of at some point, so Tom and I left each other.

Running off to Join the Circus: Wayne Koestenbaum Interviewed by Ruby Brunton

The writer on the tradition of notebook writers, archiving his own work, and enjoying a ragged, damaged, nervous narration.

From the Outside Looking In: On Norah Lange’s People In The Room by Ruby Brunton
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Recognizing a forgotten Argentinian writer.

The Blue Note: on Noémi Lefebvre’s Blue Self-Portrait by Amanda DeMarco
254990833 08172017 Nicole Lefebvre Blue Note 01

Female intelligence and female obsession, in the air

Ellen Cantor’s Magical Thinking by Nicola Tyson
Ellen Cantor 01

Ellen Cantor (1961–2013) was a prolific artist with an ardent vision that was personal, communal, and political. In the years before her untimely death, she had produced a complex body of work spanning painting, sculpture, drawing, and especially film and video. Her work—an open expression of her own sexuality—faced censorship battles in both the UK and Switzerland in the 1990s.

Armel Hostiou by Gary M. Kramer
Armel Hostiou 01

Love, obsession, and comedy in the big city.

At Night by David Ryan

He sits there and regards the waitress, wondering what she would think if she knew he occasionally followed her home; if she knew about the Window Trick; if she knew how her breath sometimes sped in the dark; how once he touched her sleeping throat and her back arched, or how she then rolled over.

Barbara Bloom by Kiki Smith
Bloom Marilyn5 Body

Artists Kiki Smith and Barbara Bloom wander through the thought processes that separate the compelling from the mediocre, the public from the private.

Catherine Murphy by Francine Prose
Catherine Murphy 01 Bomb 053

Francine Prose, author of the novel Hunters and Gatherers, delves into realism and the real act of painting time with figurative painter Catherine Murphy.

Benjamine by Angela Himsel

Benjamin, love beyond loves; my obsession, my object, object of my obsession; oh wordless lust, philosophical disorder.

Teeth. by Max Blagg

I love the shiny, pristine teeth that most Americans keep behind their lips, pearly immaculate rows of ivory, often capped in precious metals, brilliant they seem and impervious to decay, and their children’s teeth, wrapped in steel for years so they too, will grow in straight and flawless. 

Gary Indiana by Max Blagg
Gary Indiana

“People will always recognize themselves, no matter what you write. You could write a complete fantasy and people would think you were writing about them. It’s always the case. I’m not too concerned about that, unless somebody sues me.”

Jeanne-Pierre Gorin by Lynne Tillman
Gorin 01 Body

The French filmmaker, Jeanne-Pierre Gorin, began making films in 1968. He has collaborated with Jean-Luc Godard. His own films Poto and Cabengo and Routine Pleasures were released in 1979 and 1986, respectively.

Julian Barnes  by Patrick McGrath
Barnes 01 Body

Julian Barnes was awarded the prestigious Booker Prize for his novel The Sense of an Ending. He spoke with Patrick McGrath in 1987 about sex, Flaubert, and being obsessed with obsessions.

Diane Kurys by Bette Gordon
Kurys02 Body

Filmmaker Diane Kurys, a French woman directing in English, discusses the unsexiness of onscreen sex, the possibility of loving two people at the same time, and other improbabilities.

Notes for a Love Story that Never Was by Jacinta Escudos

8:30 p.m. 
Allow me to write you. 

A Young Girl by Hunter Drohojowska
William Leavitt 001

He hooked the nail of his middle finger between his lower teeth and peeled off a sliver. 

Apropos: Daniel Schmid by Gary Indiana
​Daniel Schmid

The films of Daniel Schmid elaborate the sensual fantasies people call forth to veil reality, a response of desire to exigencies of the social order. 

Gary Indiana by Max Blagg
Gary Indiana

Gary Indiana’s Horse Crazy is a raucous and hilarious whirlwind of obsession; with writing, love, delusion and, in the end, with surviving.

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