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It’s Always a Collaboration: Laura Blackett and Eve Gleichman Interviewed by Vanessa Chan
The Very Nice Box1

A funny coauthored novel about the times we live in.

It’s Always a Collaboration: Laura Blackett and Eve Gleichman Interviewed by Vanessa Chan
The Very Nice Box1

A funny coauthored novel about the times we live in.

Quntos KunQuest by Zachary Lazar
"Quntos and Chris" by Quntos KunQuest

Two decades into a life sentence, KunQuest remains determined to live his best life as a rapper, artist, relentless reader, and, now, a debut novelist with This Life.

The Refugee as a Cosmopolitan Figure: Eric Nguyen Interviewed by Abbigail N. Rosewood
Things We Lost To The Water4

A novel set in Vietnam and the United States about inheriting stories and forging new ones.

The Great Mistake by Jonathan Lee
The Great Mistake Red

The last attempt on the life of Andrew Haswell Green took place on Park Avenue in 1903. News of his murder filled the front page of the New York Times: “‘Father of Greater New York’ Shot in Front of His Home.”

Points of Tension, Points of Solidarity: Naima Coster Interviewed by Yasmin Roshanian
What's Mine and Yours by Naima Coster

A novel that explores love, family, racial integration in a school system, and the deep range of experiences across different communities of color.

Writing to Delight: Lauren Oyler Interviewed by Mary South
Fake Accounts3 1

On vulnerability, ephemerality, and how the novel’s artifice is the best thing about it.

Addicted to Limerence: Melissa Broder Interviewed by Sarah Rose Etter
Milk Fed by Melissa Broder

A novel that takes us back to the sensual, food and sex galore.

Ever-Present Emergency: Madeleine Watts Interviewed by Liza St. James
The Inland Sea7

On writing a porous character and the crises that shape her.

Adventures in Sadness: Lucie Britsch Interviewed by Rebecca van Laer
Sad Janet

A novel that scrutinizes the commodification of emotions with humor and subversion.

A Subject of Speculation: Stephanie LaCava Interviewed by Katie Ebbitt
The Superrationals by Stephanie LaCava

On process, inspiration, and the psychoanalytic underpinnings of The Superrationals.

from The Caretaker by Doon Arbus
New Caretaker Cover

The tour’s route never varies. Twice a day the caretaker of the Morgan Foundation must retrace his steps with a new eclectic band of strangers in tow.

Beautiful, Hard, Elemental: Diane Cook Interviewed by Kathryn Savage
The New Wilderness 5

On why all novels should be nature novels.

Searching for Origin Stories: Karolina Waclawiak Interviewed by Diane Cook
Life Events2

On trying to pre-grieve, the expansiveness of the desert, and writing the book she wanted to write.

Fun Stuff: Adam Wilson Interviewed by Kimberly King Parsons
Sensation Machines

On writing a polyphonic novel, the female perspective, parenthood, and the near future.

From Natural History by Carlos Fonseca
Bomb Natural History Marigold

It must have been during those months when an accident slightly threw off my routine. And maybe it was in those months when I finally found—though I wasn’t looking for it—a brief respite. One day I was at Giovanna’s and she read me a few lines of the subcomandante’s, poetic lines that told the story of a viceroy of India who dreams that his kingdom is destroyed.

Power, Desire, and Belief: Emily Temple Interviewed by Julie Buntin
Bomb The Lightness Gray

The debut novelist on the mercurial desires of teenage girls, the musicality of language, and embracing the digressive quality of the human mind.

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