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Productive Creativity: On Janina Wellmann’s The Form of Becoming: Embryology and the Epistemology of Rhythm, 1760–1830 by Catherine Despont

Exploring the lost connection between aesthetics and science.

Italy, Two Ways: Jessie Chaffee and Minna Zallman Proctor
Jessie Chaffee and Minna Zallman Proctor

“There’s often a gap between what we’re trying to say and what we are able to say. Sometimes I’m successful and sometimes I fail. Sometimes it’s painful and sometimes I get into that space where it feels right. That’s the high.”

Take Note by Julia Bosson
Joan Didion 01

Unchanging times, in Joan Didion’s South and West

Beginnings & Endings by Liza St. James
Elena Passarello 01

A bestiary of human proportions in Elena Passarello’s Animals Strike Curious Poses

Theoretically Personal by Sarah Hoenicke
Yiyun Li 01

Resisting confession in Yiyun Li’s Dear Friend, from My Life I Write to You in Your Life

Macho Memoirs by Daniel Pearce
Jd Daniels 01

Taking writing to the mat in J.D. Daniels’s The Correspondence

Joel Whitney by Rob Spillman
Joel Whitney Bomb 1

“If we know the government is funding the arts or funding journalism, then it behooves us to put structures in place that will allow for them to be fearless.”

Stephon Alexander’s The Jazz of Physics and Jace Clayton’s Uproot by Paul D. Miller
853667444 09072016 Stephon Alexander 01 Bomb 137

We tend to forget that it was an artist, Nam June Paik, who coined the term “electronic superhighway.” It synthesizes some of the most intriguing aspects of how art, digital media, and language intersect in today’s global culture.

Geoff Dyer by Ryan Chapman
Geoff Dyer Luxor Statues Two Angles

“I’m glad that the work is still proving elusive enough to resist attempts to gather it all up in a critical hamper or net.”

Juliet Jacques by Rebekah Weikel
Juliet Jacques 1

“Radical spaces can generate and evolve ideas and tactics, some of which cross over into mainstream culture—and need to.”

Berenice’s Hair by Peggy Shinner

The Tantrics said the forces of creation and destruction lay in the binding and unbinding of a woman’s hair. 

W. G. Sebald’s A Place in the Country by Michael Lipkin
​Anna Harrah

Sebald pays tribute to the undersung in a newly translated collection of monographs.

Edwidge Danticat by Garnette Cadogan
Danticat 2001 1000

Claire of the Sea Light and the mysteries the ancestors share.

Supernatural Strategies by Nicholas Earhart
Buck Thompson

Nick Earhart on the ghostly discussions in Ian Svenonius’s Supernatural Strategies for Making a Rock ‘n’ Roll Group.

The Way of the Artist by Sarah Gerard
Abelow Joshua 01 Bomb

It is surprising that Sam Savage would write a book about a character who has never had a profession—before writing, he worked as a bicycle mechanic, carpenter, crab fisherman, and letterpress printer.

BOMB GLOBAL: Jan Verwoert by Sam Korman
​Jan Verwoert

Jan Verwoert sits down with Sam Korman to tell him what he wants for the world. What he really, really wants.

Lives, Lace, Letters by Richard J. Goldstein

Triple ruffled at the wrist, her lace gloved hand, cocked—index and thumb extended, covers the lower half of her face above which two dark eyes dare.

They Live by Justin McNeil
Theylive Body

“I’ve come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass. And I’m all out of bubblegum.” Justin McNeil reviews Jonathan Lethem’s non-fiction book,They Live, an examination of the movie of the same name.

Mentor: A Memoir by Amy Whipple
Tomgrimes Homepage

In Mentor, Tom Grimes explores the cyclical nature of two intertwined lives, two lives bound by literature, and the way in which the vicissitudes of friendship and mentorship can push and pull at the boundaries of our relationships. A review by Amy Whipple.

After Photography by Fred Ritchin by Francesca Romeo
Article 4186 Afterphotography1

Weaving through philosophical analysis, photojournalism, propaganda, quantum physics, and cyber-culture, Fred Ritchin’s recently reprinted 2008 book After Photography charts an effective path through the multifarious aspects of digital photography.

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