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Make Some Noise: Yves Tumor’s Experiencing the Deposit of Faith by Domenick Ammirati
Yves Tumor1

A daydream by a night owl.

Stephen O’Malley by C. Spencer Yeh
Stephen O Malley Bomb 2

“There might be more passion in amateurism than with much of the known, famous stuff. Those are the kinds of energies in music I’ve always found attractive, regardless of quality, expertise, or skill.”

John Wiese by C. Spencer Yeh
John Wiese Bomb 5

“If I were to ‘play something,’ I don’t think I’d ever feel satisfied. What I really want is to take that thing and transform it, process it into something else.”

Senyawa by David Novak
Senyawa Bomb 4

“I want it like this, just how it sounds.”

Michael Morley & Alan Licht
Licht Morley Bomb 1

“Oh no, this is sounding too beautiful, too seamless, and too much like it was planned. I have to unravel it.”

Flying Saucer Attack by ​David Keenan
Flying Saucer Attack 1

“I do like feedback. It’s good for people. It is!”

Neil Michael Hagerty by Gary Canino
Neil Michael Hagerty 1

Faux reunion shows, B-sides, new-age garage music, and packing albums to the brim.

Ryley Walker by Andrew Cedermark
Ryley Walker 1

Into the mystic with the Chicago-based guitarist and songwriter.

The Home of Easy Credit by Whitney Curry Wimbish
The Home of Easy Credit

Duo improvisation for loop pedal, upright bass, and child.

Peter Jefferies by Tobias Carroll
Peter Jefferies 01

A return to live performance after a decade-long absence.

Mary Lattimore & Jeff Zeigler by Daniel Bachman

Snowbound recording with harp and melodica and the fine art of titling songs.

Paper Clip #73 by Ryan Sheldon

Paper Clip is a weekly compilation of online articles, artifacts and other—old, new, and sometimes BOMB-related.

OOIOO by Scott Davis

Nature, melody, and the primal urge to make music.

Chris Corsano by Michael Barron

The cross-pollination of noise and high-energy improvised music.

Mika Tajima by Kareem Estefan
Tajima 1

To kick with sabots, to willfully destroy, especially for political advantage. The Brooklyn-based artist and musician Mika Tajima is something of a saboteur. 

Victory by Jack Christian
Victory Cover3 Body

Jack Christian talks to Ben Kopel about Victory, an energetic, noisy book of poetry which turns it up to 11.

James Ferraro’s Far Side Virtual by Luke Degnan
James Ferraro 01

Ringtones and shutdown alerts become vocalists in James Ferraro’s newest digital album for a digital age.

Dirty Beaches by Luke Carr
Dirty Beaches Badlands 777X777 Body

East Vancouver’s Dirty Beaches talks over unfiltered Lucky Strikes about his recent visit to Tennessee, the gifts and curses of success, and channeling his father’s rock-and-roll youth.

Crystal Castles by Nicole Steinberg
Crystal Castles

Sonic desperation. 

Reinhold Friedl by Elliott Sharp
Friedl01 Body

“It’s difficult to see the relationship between your own thinking and your composing.”

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