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Lens Shift: Laura van den Berg Interviewed by Mike Scalise
Laura Nyc

The author of The Third Hotel on existential noir, travel psychology, and what horror film theory can reveal about the human condition.

Dr. Nakamura by Barry Yourgrau
Hallway 2416517 1920

I get a part in a movie. I act every once in a while, small bits in small films whenever I know the producer or the director. This time it’s the director.       

nobody checks their voicemails anymore not even detectives by Sasha Fletcher
Fletcher Voicemail2 Banner

Jimmy, it’s your girl. The one at the desk whom you pay a living wage. This is what could be known as a wake-up call if we were the sort of people who relied upon others to remind us of our tasks.

Greed, Italian Style: on Nicola Lagioia’s Ferocity by Kristen Martin
Nicola Lagioia Banner

Corruption, capitalism, and death in Puglia.

Dance of the Self: On John Haskell’s The Complete Ballet by Will Harrison
Nijinsky Illustration

Noir, Balanchine, and an escape from the conventional novel.

Bar Diary, Barcelona, District 5, Winter of 1979 by Roberto Bolaño & A.G. Porta

This article is only available in print.

The Color of Night by Madison Smartt Bell

This First Proof contains an excerpt from The Color of Night, by Madison Smartt Bell.

Excerpt from The Shanghai Gesture by Gary Indiana

Smith goosed the accelerator with his snake-skin espadrilles.

Olivia and Xania by Rubem Fonseca

Regarded by many critics as Brazil’s foremost living author, Rubem Fonseca (b. 1925) has for more than four decades captured in his fiction the societal anxieties besetting inhabitants of his nation’s sprawling cityscapes.

Cold Havana Ground by Arnaldo Correa

This novel is based on events that occurred in the recent past in Cuba. 

Our Lady of the Assassins by Fernando Vallejo

This First Proof contains an excerpt from Our Lady of the Assassins.

Suffer the Fool by Will Christopher Baer

I see myself in the dark glass of a storefront window. The image is wavering, untrue. I slip a cigarette from my pocket with pinched fingers and stare at it for two or three minutes, perhaps longer.

Rubem Fonseca’s Vast Emotions and Imperfect Thoughts translated by Clifford Landers by Minna Proctor
64 Rubem Fonseca Homepage
Rosa: an excerpt from Slaughtermatic by Steve Aylett

Rosa strode down Swerve Street, dragging her nails along the wall. Sparks leapt and underscored a graffiti saying, ONLY THE EXPERT WILL REALISE YOUR EXAGGERATIONS ARE TRUE.

The Score: to Richard Stark by April Bernard
Jenney 1

A tree that falls / on facts, on women, whatever is in the way.

Cliche City by Becky Johnston
Nancy Reese 001

You are about to enter a story where the characters speak like those in cheap novels and smutty magazines; 

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