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Living with Contradiction: On Weight of the Earth, David Wojnarowicz’s Tape Journals by Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore
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The real-time making of an artist.

Alice Notley by Robert Dewhurst

Notley’s body of work consists of over thirty-five collections of poetry and prose. To consider her oeuvre, in her interlocutor’s words, is to court “cerebral and sensory overload.”

Jason Dodge and Caroline Knox
Phase I Gallery Iii  3

“Poems are practical:” Jason Dodge and Caroline Knox talk about art, poetry, and reading.

Clark Coolidge’s A Book Beginning What and Ending Away by Wendy Lotterman
Clark Coolidge 01

Twenty chapters of poetry compose Clark Coolidge’s Gesamtkunstwerk, the division between each a shoddy dam allowing themes to spill back and forth—geology, Zukofsky, Dalí. 

Daniel Kane’s We Saw the Light: Conversations Between the New American Cinema and Poetry by Abigail Child
Kenneth Anger

The era is largely the 1960s—the Beats and New York School are active and on both coasts, poets and filmmakers are meeting in productive, transformative ways. In We Saw the Light, Daniel Kane distills these relations, referencing letters, social networks, historical group formations, and interactions between these men (and they are usually men)—whether as audience, scriptwriter, actor, collaborator, or even “houseboy.”

Burhan Dogançay by Phillip Lopate
Burhan Dogancay 1

In the spring of 2001, a vast and (surprisingly) sustained retrospective of paintings, sculpture, photographs, lithographs, and tapestries by the Turkish born artist Burhan Dogançay was held in Istanbul’s Dolmabahçe Cultural Center, formerly a palace wing.

Alice Notley’s Mysteries of Small Houses by David Trinidad
David Kapp by Georgia Marsh
Kapp 02 Body

“If somebody does a portrait, how do you get the aura or the feeling of the face? You don’t do every eyelash, right? That kind of attention to detail doesn’t really do it.”

Charles Henri Ford by Bruce Wolmer
Ford 01 Body

Famed writer, editor, filmmaker, and publisher Charles Henri Ford speaks of his early years in Paris, his theory of collage, and how he came to obtain a nude photograph of Robert Mapplethorpe and Patti Smith.

Two Paintings by Mark Tansey
Bomb 10 Tansey 001 Body
Four Poems by Michael Lally

I only wanted to go far, be a star,

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