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Hari Kunzru and Sjón
Hari Kunzru And Sjon

Ghost stories, paganism, the blues, and silent cinema are just some of the fixations of two authors known for novels steeped in history.

Five Poems by David Vandeloo

  a lovers’ knot the chancellor / resembles at foot towards / cliff / fuck       the       presumed / mountain

Tim Sutton by Gary M. Kramer

God, nature, and Memphis

Hmmm by Clayton Eshleman

There is a hmmm, a hum, an incipient hymn, a
song in food, a hallelujah hint,

Testimonial by Edwidge Danticat

I ran my fingers along a tattered quilt as I looked over the Ghanaian sand pebbles my mother had kept, in the shape of a cross, on the floor of her prison cell.

Three Poems by Carol Weston

Individual Beast

Individual beast, you derive, like all of us,

Anish Kapoor by Ameena Meer
Kapoor 01 Body

Anish Kapoor and Ameena Meer discuss sex and death, subjectivity, and colors. Kapoor’s new work is on view now at Gladstone Gallery.

James Nares by Betsy Sussler
Nares 01 Body

In a process of material and poetic interrogation, James Nares shares his practice, a return to origins, with Betsy Sussler.

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