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Stephin Merritt by Franklin Bruno
Stephin Merritt Bomb 01

The prolific New York lyricist digs into songcraft on the occasion of his new autobiographical album, 50 Song Memoir.

Stephin Merritt by Franklin Bruno
Stephin Merritt Bomb 01

The prolific New York lyricist digs into songcraft on the occasion of his new autobiographical album, 50 Song Memoir.

Steffani Jemison by Ben Lerner
Steffani Jemison Bomb 01

Early film, nineteenth-century science fiction, and experimental musical languages serve a young artist’s explorations of race and our political present.

John Corbett by Andrew Lampert
Johncorbett 7

“The records I don’t listen to are as important as the ones I do.”

Matana Roberts by Christopher Stackhouse
Matana Roberts 01

Saxophonist and composer Matana Roberts combines music, storytelling, and political activism. On the occasion of the release of Chapter Three in her ongoing Coin Coin series, Christopher Stackhouse prompts her to talk about her background and vision.

Paper Clip #74 by Jonah Max
Ben Vida

Paper Clip is a weekly compilation of online articles, artifacts and other—old, new, and sometimes BOMB-related.

David Grubbs by C. Spencer Yeh
​David Grubbs

Musician and composer David Grubbs collaborates with improvisatory artists—including C. Spencer Yeh—to attain an unrepeatable quality on his new album, The Plain Where The Palace Stood.

Reinhold Friedl by Elliott Sharp
Friedl01 Body

“It’s difficult to see the relationship between your own thinking and your composing.”

Roscoe Mitchell by Anthony Coleman
Mitchell 01 Body

Legendary composer-improviser and saxophonist Roscoe Mitchell is best known for his work with the Art Ensemble of Chicago over the past several decades, where he continues to make breakthrough innovations and influence musicians around the world.

El-P by Matthew Shipp
El P 01 Body

As a jazz musician always looking for cutting-edge, exciting, and thoughtful collaborators to expand my concept of music with, I was instantly struck by rapper and producer El-P, aka Jaime Meline, when I met him last year.

Eddie Bobè by Frank Marino
Bobe02 Body

Eddie Bobè is a master percussionist, vocalist composer and arranger. His expertise extends across the full spectrum of Afro-Caribbean music and traditions.

David Del Tredici by J. D. Dolan
​David Del Tredici 01

Composer David Del Tredici is playing at Bargemusic as part of their Labor Day Music Festival.

Christian Wolff by Damon Krukowski
Wolff 01 Body

Avant-garde composer Christian Wolff speaks to ex-Galaxie 500 drummer Damon Krukowski about John Cage, indeterminacy, and the body politic of music and its audience.

Richard Einhorn by ​Stuart Cohn
Einhorn01 Body

Stuart Cohn examines composer Richard Einhorn’s extraordinary opera Voices of Light, based on the life of Joan of Arc and Carl Dreyer’s classic film.

Butch Morris by David Henderson
Morris 01 Body

With his ten CD box set, Testament: A Conduction, composer/conductor Butch Morris gives voice to the collective imagination and re-envisions the way we hear music.

James Carter by Zoë Anglesey
50 Carter01 Body

Saxophone prodigy James Carter toured with Winton Marsalis when he was 17 and cut his first solo record when he was 23. He reflects on his mentors and heroes, and looks to the future of jazz.

Joel Thome by Suzanne McElfresh
Joel Thome 01

From twelve-tone compositions to conducting improvisations, Joel Thome discusses what it was like to record music with Frank Zappa.

Footnotes by Klaus Kertess

1) Pindar, 12th Pythian Ode (ca 490 BC). The specific flute Athena is credited with inventing, here, is called the Phrygian flute; it is a double flute thought to have been formed by her out of stag’s bones or horns.

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