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Counterpoint and Apocrypha by Raphael Rubinstein

Her concerts, broadcast the first Thursday of each month at 9:30 PM Cairo time, brought life to a stop throughout the Arab world.

Drawn Out of the Muck of America: Lonnie Holley Interviewed by Allie Tepper
Lonnie Holley1

Art as flotation device.

Symphony for Wind and Waves by Lou Hoyer
Hoyer Sp1 1

Far away from any coastline. Where the wind strikes the water for the first time. Where waves start to grow. A young wave stretches its quivering back, reaching for the wind.

Jaque Fragua and Brad Kahlhamer
Bk The Four Hairs 2012 5 1

Two artists drawing from punk, graffiti, and traditional Native American aesthetics, talk about protest art and the notion of the “Post-Smithsonian delinquent.”

CHERRY RIVER, Where the Rivers Mix by Katherine Cooper
Mta Cherry River 0648

It’s rare that as a writer I am left speechless by a performance. Writing becomes like swimming for the first time: relearning how to breathe. What can abandonment by words afford a writer besides drowning? Perhaps a lesson in listening. 

The Music Connects: Belmond Black Interviewed by Monica Uszerowicz
Belmond Black1

A long-lost recording resurfaces. 

Meredith Monk and Jim Hodges
Meredith Monk 1

The two artists consider the roles that trust and doubt play in their expressions of the ineffable.

Cellular Portals: A Conversation with Ursula Andkjær Olsen by Morten Høi Jensen
Ursula Andkjaer Olsen Banner

The Danish poet on corporeal poetics, pregnancy, and the influence of classical music.

Looking Back on 2016: Literature & Music
Looking Back Bomb 3

Selections by Domenick Ammirati, Sebastian Black, Gabriele Beveridge, Amina Cain, Will Chancellor, Keith Connolly, Nicholas Elliott, Wendy Ewald, Joe Fyfe, Lindsay Hunter, Ellie Krakow, Evan Lavender-Smith, Jonathan Lethem, Rebekah Weikel, and Jack Whitten.

Making Tom (Return): Behind the Scenes by Jeffery Renard Allen

He is Tom at the same time that he is too preposterous to be Tom.

David Lynch by Michael Saur
David Lynch, Self Portrait

David Lynch discusses painterly filmmaking, the importance of having final cut, and his latest musical project, The Big Dream, released July 16th.

Ragnar Kjartansson by Sabine Mirlesse

The artist on protest songs, the Venice Biennale and why most of his art idols are women.

Phoenix Rising: ABC No Rio by Fred Paginton
Image2 Body

ABC No Rio as we knew it is no more—but its legacy lives on. Here Fred Paginton sits down with the legendary institution’s Steven Englander to reflect on the role of the activist art space and its next steps.

Mixtape: Nite Jewel by Alex Holmes
Nitejewel 263 Matthewscott Body

Nite Jewel discusses the range of influences behind her gauzy sound, including vine-swinging demigods and the cost of the metro.

Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life by Natasha Stagg
Serge Body

Natasha Stagg discusses Joann Sfar’s tribute film Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life. Stagg questions the role of women in Gainsbourg’s life and on film, as he uses his power to transform them, and their power to transform himself.

ONandOnScreen: Spring Dreams (Lacrimosa) by Ernest Hilbert

BOMB Magazine is pleased to feature selections from ONandOnScreen’s summer issue. Each week BOMBlog will showcase poems and video pairings from the Summer 2011 issue of ONandOnScreen, an e-journal project matching poems and videos. This week features poetry by Ernest Hilbert and a video of Sir Georg Solti conducting Mozart’s “Lacrimosa.”

Jane Benson: The Splits I by Richard J. Goldstein
Benson 1 Body

Listen to “The Splits I” from The Splits, composed by Matt Schickele for Jane Benson’s splits dectet.

Digging in Cloudland: Keeping Records by Miriam Bale
Digging in Cloudland 01

The vinyl LP, with its shimmering grooves, has been fetishized by filmmakers since the needle dropped in the first shot of The Grand Illusion. In the first installment of the her new column, Digging in Cloudland, critic Miriam Bale traces the presence of “the black circle” in recent cinema.

Letter from Cornwall: The Port Eliot Festival by Lauren Elkin

Lauren Elkin chronicles the rock and roll bird-watching and Hermes scarf-tying at the least muddy festival in Britain. Complete with drawings by Joanna Walsh, aka Badaude.

Ezra Koenig and John Wray at the NYPL by Alice Whitwham
Koenigwray1 Body

At the New York Public Library on Monday evening, the “Young Lions” forum presented Ezra Koenig, lead singer, guitarist and song-writer of Brooklyn-based band Vampire Weekend in conversation with novelist John Wray.

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