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Kara Walker & Larry Walker
Walker 01

“I would like to do more of that kind of thing: travel, spend some time in a place and really work from a different vantage point. I don’t know what will happen in my work from that, but I trust my ability to find the tools to find my way into my work. I think I will sit out in the woods more.”

Hope Gangloff by Yuri Masnyj
Gangloff 6

In Gangloff’s latest paintings, student protesters at Cooper Union (her alma mater) loom large. With sculptor Masnyj she discusses her path of becoming a painter of her peer group.

Roberto Juarez by Edward J. Sullivan
​Roberto Juarez 1

How would you define these works as public art, and maybe you could talk a little bit about the origin of them, how these commissions came to be and what you think about them in terms of their “public-ness”?

Bomb on the Inside: A Real Dream on East Houston by David Goodman
Osgemenos Body

Check out the mural by Gustavo and Otavio Pandolfo on East Houston and Bowery.

Gabriel Orozco by Carmen Boullosa
Orozco 01

Carmen Boullosa talks with Gabriel Orozco about how remnants of the natural world and the everyday are utterly re-imagined in his work.

Alex Rubio by Bill Fitzgibbons
Rubio 8

Bill Fitzgibbons gives background information on Alex Rubio, the artist who created the cover image for this issue of BOMB, from Rubio’s upbringing in the San Antonio Barrio to his current pieces.

Lincoln Perry by Ann Beattie
Perry01 Body

Lincoln Perry’s mural at the University of Virginia re-envisions the building’s view of distant mountains as the acme of a kind of secular Pilgrim’s Progress.

Sol LeWitt by Saul Ostrow
Lewitt 01 Body

Sol LeWitt bridged the gap between Minimalism and Conceptualism, foregrounding the disparity between the world of language and that of objects and actions.

 Raymond Pettibon by Grady T. Turner
Raymond Pettibon 01

Raymond Pettibon found his calling as an artist at about the same time punk hit Los Angeles in 1978.

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